How to Root Sony Xperia M2 (Eagle) and Install TWRP Recovery 3.5.0

If you own a Sony Xperia M2 and want to install TWRP Recovery 3.5.0 root and flash on your device, then you are on the right page. Thanks to XDA member ‘f2065’ for sharing the UNOFICIAL version of TWRP 3.5.0 for Sony Xperia M2 devices.

The Sony Xperia M2 is equipped with the Qualcomm MSM8926 Snapdragon 400 (28nm) (D2303, D2306) / Qualcomm MSM8226 Snapdragon 400 (28nm) (D2305) chipset, CPU/ Quad-Core 1.2GHz Cortex-A7, Adreno 650 GPU, Display 4.8 inches, 63.5 cm2 (~63.9% screen to body ratio), TFT, 540 x 960 pixels, 16:9 ratio (~229 ppi density), 8GB internal storage, 1GB RAM, 8MP main camera, f/2.4, autofocus, VGA camera selfie, 2300 mAh Li-ion battery, non-removable.

If you are an Android enthusiast and want to perform TWRP recovery on your beloved device, then you have come to the right page. In this article, we will talk about the root system of the Sony Xperia M2.

The TWRP is characterized by its material design and attractive user interface (UI). If you follow this guide, you can install the latest version of TWRP for the Sony Xperia M2. You can download TWRP Recovery from the links in the sample section of this article. Please note that this is an unofficial TWRP recovery and only for the Sony Xperia M2 (Confirm model by going to Settings > About). The process described below is only for rooting and installing TWRP on Sony Xperia M2, do not test this method on other devices.

If you want to exploit the full potential of your Sony Xperia M2 hardware, the most important task is to perform a custom recovery like TWRP. Exchange ROMs often have limited and unsupported customization options. If you have a root device and a flashed TWRP recovery, you can install any custom ROMs, modules, kernels, Xposed, etc, as well as many applications that require access with superuser privileges to function properly. You can easily power your device with the One Click Android Root Tool, either via PC or APK, which is a quick process.

Brief information and benefits of TWRP recovery

TWRP (Team Win Recovery Project) is an open source community development project. Flashing TWRP allows you to install your device any firmware, boot your smartphone, change zip files for settings, Xposed modules for settings, root and unroot processes in one click. You can also make a full backup of Nandroid and restore it later, flash the image file with one click, remove bloatware, overclock and underclock. With TWRP, you can easily delete, cache, and clear data after flashing an image file to reflect changes and correct minor errors caused by caching.

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To install TWRP, your Sony Xperia M2 phone must have an unlocked starter charger. This means that you must first unlock the bootloader to install the device root, and to do any configuration.

Disclaimer : While covers everything very clearly so that our readers get exactly what they want, there is still a modest chance that the steps listed here will cause major problems. It is therefore in the interest of the user to follow the instructions very carefully in order to avoid any incident with the device.
Installing a custom ROM firmware and flashing it will definitely invalidate your device’s warranty and cannot be held responsible for invalid warranties or devices with limitations.


Be sure to check the model number, it should be listed:

  • Sony Xperia M2 (models : D2303, D2305, D2306)

Please make sure you read the disclaimer carefully before using your phone regularly and agree to bear the risk.

Your phone must be at least 70% charged, otherwise complications may occur during the experiment. Don’t take any chances and load them fully.

If you’re going to root your phone or install a custom ROM, it’s a good practice to back up your phone. Back up all your media, like photos, videos, and everything else on your PC, as well as your contacts in the cloud.

(Applies to the PC method only, skip this step if you are using the APK method).

You need to enable the USB debugging option by going to Settings, Applications and Developer Options.

downloads for the Sony Xperia M2 D2303, D2305, D2306

Sony USB drivers download here

Download the ADB universal drivers here (if the drivers are already installed on your PC, you can skip this step).

Download the Platform Tools/ SDK Tools with Android SDK package on PC from here. (Android Command Line Tools> Package SDK Tools)

Download the TWRP recovery for the Sony Xperia M2 here :

TWRP Recovery 3.5.0

Download SuperSU from Chainfire from here.

Download Magisk Manager from here.

Make sure you have downloaded the required files (link in the Requirements section of this article). Then go through the steps.

unlock steps for Sony Xperia M2 D2303, D2305, D2306

Message: If you already have the bootloader unlocked, you can skip these steps. Before you can unlock the bootloader of your device, you need to support the model of your Sony device. To confirm that the bootloader can be unlocked, check the following steps and obtain the unlock code.

Step one: Go to the official Sony Developerspage, and check the list by selecting your device from the drop-down list. Sign up for a new Sony Xperia account or sign in with your existing account, or sign in directly with your Google/Gmail account.

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Step two: Make sure your device has an active internet connection before proceeding. Some actions are model specific. Therefore, check whether you can unlock the boot loader of the device as described above. As usual, devices with two SIM cards always have two IMEI numbers. So use IMEI 1 to get the unlock code for the boot loader of your device.

Step three: Start the dialer and key in this code:


Step four: On the screen, go to Service Info > Configuration > Rooting Status > and verify that the bootloader unlock system is enabled. If everything seems normal, proceed as follows.

Step Five: Download the Google USB driver in the sample area above, as the android_winusb.inf/ Google USB driver is required to perform adb debugging with Google devices on a Windows PC.

Step six: Open the phone number again, dial *#06# and copy the IMEI number of your Sony Xperia device (make sure to copy SIM IMEI 1 if your device has two SIM cards, as above).

Step seven: Return to the Sony Developer World page, select your device model and enter your email address. A link with an unlock code to unlock the bootloader of your device will be sent to your email address shortly. Just click on the link to get the unlock code.

Step 8 : First you need to connect your Sony Xperia M2 to the computer in quick start mode. You can reboot the device for a quick start with a command in the ADB terminal:

Advertising Reset

Alternatively, press and hold the volume down button and connect the unit to a PC with a USB cable.

Step 9 : Now open the Adb terminal in the PC and simply enter this command :


Step 10 : At this point, the interface should show the connected devices. If the issue does not occur in the same way, just restart the terminal/command line. Disconnect your Sony Xperia M2 from the PC and reconnect it. When your device is detected, simply enter this command.

quick download oem unlock 0x

Make sure the generated key is correctly inserted into the controller. Then press the Enter key and wait a moment.

Step 11 : At this point, your device will automatically reboot. You can now install the Sony Xperia M2, as the boot loader for your device is already unlocked.

Steps to flash/install TWRP recovery 3.5.0 on Sony Xperia M2 D2303, D2305, D2306

Step one: Suppose you have already downloaded the platform tools of the Android SDK (SDK Manager) to your PC. The platform tools include the necessary ADB binaries and quick downloads.

Step two: Make sure the drivers are installed on your computer. Then proceed to the next step.

Message: If the development settings and USB debug settings are already enabled on your device, as suggested in the Benefits section, simply skip steps 3 and 4 and go directly to step 5.

Step three: Now activate the developer settings on your Sony Xperia M2 device. To do this, go to Settings -> About and find the build number, then click on the build number 7 times, which will activate the development settings on your device.

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Step four: If you already have a USB debug, you can skip this step. Otherwise, open the developer settings and enable the USB debugging option.

Step Five: Now open a command prompt on the computer/ADB terminal and just type the command :

Advertising Reset

Step six: The device must not be put into the quick start mode. Now copy the downloaded TWRP.img file in the mandatory section to the same folder where the ADB and rapidboot binaries are located. Rename the file to twrp.img and enter this command :

Quick start Flash recovery twrp.img

then run this command, enter :

early recovery

Step 7 (important) : On some devices, the custom recovery is not automatically replaced on first boot. You can search for a shortcut on Google to put the device in recovery mode. After executing the quick restart command, hold down the appropriate key combination to enter TWRP mode. Once the device is booted into TWRP mode, TWRP automatically patches the stock ROM to prevent TWRP from being overwritten by a stock recovery.

After entering the fast restart command, hold down the combination key and start in TWRP. Once loaded, the TWRP will patch the ROM to prevent the TWRP from replacing the ROM. If you do not perform this step, you must repeat the installation.

How to install Sony Xperia M2 D2303, D2305, D2306 / Install Magisk or SuperSU

Make sure you have downloaded SuperSU or Magisk Manager (link in the required section of this article). Then go through the steps.

Attention: You can use Magisk Manager or Super SU, but only one, so choose well. If you’re not sure, go to Magisk Manager.

Step one: Move the downloaded SuperSU or Magisk Manager file to the internal memory / SD card of your Sony Xperia M2 smartphone.

Step two: Now all we have to do is initiate the recovery. You can also backup the ROM through the TWRP interface. However, I recommend making a backup copy of the ROM. Because if the process fails, you can flash the ROM.

Step three: Press Install, then navigate to or and drag the firmware confirmation file (located at the bottom of the screen). The Magisk/SuperSU flash process has started and will take a few seconds.

Congratulations, you’ve now anchored the Sony Xperia M2 and you’ve also put the TWRP in the spotlight. You can now install the Xposed Framework and customize your smartphone. If you want to check this, you can download and check the status of the root through the Root Checker program.

frequently asked questions

Do I need root to install TWRP?

Message: You don’t need root to install TWRP, but you do need to unlock the bootloader, which will erase the entire contents of your device. Also, the method of unlocking the bootloader is different on each device, so it may vary from one device to another.

How do I install the TWRP permanently?

How to install TWRP recovery on OnePlus 7 Pro OnePlus …

Does the TWRP make your phone crash?

Getting root via TWRP is one of the very convenient ways to get root access. Just download the SuperSU file and flash it with the TWRP recovery – you can also do it with other custom recovery programs like CWM, Philz, Carliv, etc. – To root your device.


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