How To Screenshot on Windows Laptop

A screenshot is an image of the visible part of your computer’s screen. This can be used to capture what you see on a particular moment in time, which may help prove that someone was using their laptop when they say they weren’t or hiding something from you.

The “how to screenshot on windows laptop hp” is a command that allows users to take a screenshot of their computer. The process is simple and easy, but there are many different ways to do it.

How To Screenshot on Windows Laptop

For a long time, Windows PCs have been a fixture of the contemporary world, and they’ve gone a long way since Windows 95. However, modern computer systems retain the same functions as before, including the ability to take screenshots.

A screenshot is exactly what it says on the tin. Screenshotting your computer screen saves a picture of any application or website you’re seeing on your display, which you may utilize in your project, teach someone else how to do something on their computer, or just record if necessary.

This guide is for you if you need to capture a screenshot on your laptop and don’t know how to accomplish it. This guide will show you how to use your Windows laptop to take screenshots.

While capturing a screenshot on your phone is more well-known and much simpler, many individuals have difficulty doing it on their computers. To your surprise, taking screenshots on your laptop is rather simple, and there are many methods for doing so.

It, to assist you in taking a snapshot of your laptop screen, here are 5 methods for doing so on a Windows laptop.

On a Windows laptop, how do you take a screenshot?

Pressing Print Screen on your keyboard is the simplest and quickest method to capture a screenshot on your Windows laptop. The Print Screen button is normally located next to the Esc button on most laptop keyboards.

There are other buttons labeled Screenshot, Print Screen, and PrtScn, but they are all the same thing.

Other Techniques

  1. PrtSc + Windows
  2. Snipping Tool/ Snip & Sketch
  3. Screen Grab (Action Center)
  4. Game Bar for Xbox
  5. Screenshot Apps from Third Parties

PrtSc + Windows


The easiest yet most overlooked way of taking a screenshot on a windows laptop is the PrtSc + Windows command. It is what it says, you have to press the keys “windows” and “PrtSc” together and your laptop will take a screenshot of your current screen.

This technique of capturing a screenshot does not allow you to alter the screenshot right away; instead, it is saved to the photos folder automatically. If necessary, you may modify it by heading to the file location.

This approach is really simple and does not need any software or applications. You can snap a screenshot with only two keys, much as on your smartphone. Almost all Windows laptops, at least those made during and after the 2010s, include this functionality.

Snipping Tool/ Snip & Sketch


A snipping tool existed before the aforementioned approach was implemented. It was initially launched in Windows 7 and was largely used to capture screenshots on PCs and laptops.

This is a built-in Windows tool that allows you to capture fragments of your screen or a full snapshot of your whole screen. You may choose the region to capture and then adjust it if necessary. This program allows you to doodle, add text, crop the screenshot, and more.

It was just updated to Snip and Sketch, and a slew of new capabilities were added. The UI has improved in recent years, making it easier to take a screenshot.

So, if you want to go old school, you may use the snipping tool or snip and sketch to capture screenshots on your laptop. 

Screen Grab (Action Center)

The inclusion of the screen snip toggle to the action center was another change that Windows 10 got. When you go to the action center menu, you’ll notice a number of choices such as location, battery saver, night light, airplane mode, Bluetooth, and so on. You’ll see there’s a screen snip toggle among those toggles. Your laptop takes a screenshot when you click that.

The screenshot will appear in the action center once you click the toggle, where you may click on it, change it if required, and save it. The snip and sketch tool, as well as the screen snip toggle, both need manual screenshot saving. It will be lost forever if you do not rescue it yourself.

After you click on the captured screenshot, you’ll get a similar editing interface to the snip and sketch app, where you may crop, rotate, add marks or text, and save it. You might call it an add-on to that app.

Game Bar for Xbox


This one is not exactly for taking regular screenshots. If you are someone who plays Xbox games on your laptop, and wants to take screenshots of your games, the Game Bar for Xbox is your best bet.

Turn the Game Bar for Xbox on and use it to take screenshots of your game and even screen record your gameplay. This tool is perfect for gamers who want to share their gaming and stream from their laptop.

The Game Bar for Xbox has a bunch of options. You will see there is a little camera like icon that says “capture”. Clicking on that will take a screenshot of your game. These screenshots can be viewed directly from the game bar and also from your files. They get saved automatically and can be accessed later on without having to save them manually.

Screenshot Apps from Third Parties

Oh, you’re still here? Are the techniques listed above not working? Oh, your laptop is running an earlier version of Windows? Don’t worry, you can still snap screenshots from your laptop using third-party software designed for Windows.

You may install a variety of such programs on your Windows laptop and use them to snap screenshots. Although you won’t need them in subsequent versions of Windows, you may still install them if you believe you’ll require a third-party software.

Many programs exist that allow you to snap screenshots on Windows. Greenshot, PicPick, ShareX, Lightshot, and others are prominent examples. Some of these programs may be hidden in your system tray, while others must be launched in order to be used for screenshots.

In any case, the applications are really handy and feature-rich, and you can surely use them to snap screenshots on your Windows laptop.

On Specific Laptop Models, How To Screenshot

We’ve also discussed how to snap screenshots on particular Windows laptops in this series.

The list below will assist you in locating the appropriate screenshots for your laptop.

Final Thoughts

That concludes the five methods for taking a screenshot on a Windows laptop. Let us know which approach you intend to use the most. We hope you found this post useful and that we were able to give sufficient information on capturing screenshots on Windows laptops.

So you won’t have to worry about misplacing anything you saw on your laptop screen or frantically looking for your phone to snap a photo of it. I hope this helps you save time. Have a wonderful day!

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