How To Stop Google Chrome Downloaded Files From Opening Automatically In Windows 10?

Are you worried about Google Chrome automatically downloading and running files? It’s not fun to see a bunch of files when the downloaded files open by themselves and make a mess. Google Chrome does not allow this by default, but it is possible to enable it in the options. You may have enabled this feature by mistake or the problem may have occurred when you were using a different computer; in either case, it can be fixed. We have listed three handy ways to prevent Google Chrome from starting automatically in Windows 10:

How do I prevent downloaded files from Google Chrome from opening automatically in Windows 10?

Method 1: Change the file type settings to prevent files you download with Google Chrome from starting automatically.

Google Chrome has given its users the fantastic ability to run certain types of files immediately after downloading. In order to prevent files downloaded from Google Chrome from opening immediately, you need to open the settings in the Google Chrome taskbar when a certain type of file is downloaded. There is no other setting in the settings to change this function. For example, if I… For example, when I download an MS Word document, it appears in the Chrome taskbar, which is directly above the Windows taskbar.

Step one: Launch the Google Chrome browser and try to download what you no longer want to run automatically.

Step two: As soon as the file appears in the Google Chrome taskbar, try clicking on the up arrow as soon as possible and checking the Always open files of this type box in the context menu.

Step three: Click Always open files of this type once to uncheck the box. This ensures that the downloaded file type is not automatically opened.

Message: If you clear the Always open files of this type before download completes checkbox, this particular file will not be opened. However, if the download completes before you can uncheck it, that particular file will be opened. However, any other file you upload in the future with the same file type will not open automatically.

The only disadvantage of this method is that you have to repeat this process for all file types separately when downloading. In the example above, I tried to upload an MS Word document and succeeded in ticking it off. However, this does not mean that it applies to all cases. If I want to keep loading the MS Excel spreadsheet, I have to uncheck it.

Method 2. Change download settings to prevent Google Chrome from automatically executing downloaded files.

The above method was beneficial for users who wanted to disable Google Chrome’s auto-run on certain file types. While it was possible to prevent many types of files from opening, it was possible to open some downloaded Google Chrome files after the download process was complete. This is always an advantage if you want the image to be displayed immediately after downloading.

However, the second method excludes any file downloaded from Google Chrome from automatic execution. With this method it is not possible to throw an exception for a file type or extension. Here are the steps to perform the second method to prevent Google Chrome from automatically executing downloaded files:

Step one: Launch your Chrome browser and click on the hamburger menu with the three dots in the top right corner, then click on Settings.

Step two: In the left pane, click the More section and then click Downloads.

Step three: The first section on the left is called Downloads, and there you will find the option to open certain file types automatically after downloading.

Step four: Click the Remove button to remove all auto-open settings associated with a file type.

Step 5: That’s it. Close the Settings tab and you’ll never have to worry about Google Chrome downloading files from Autorun to your computer again.

Message: In Google Chrome, if there is no file type associated with auto-open, the Delete button and the Open specific files option will not appear.

Method 3. Use Guest mode to prevent Google Chrome from downloading files with Auto-Open.

Consider the third option if you want to keep your settings for automatically opening downloaded files in Google Chrome. However, they wanted to disable this option for a while. In this case, you can use the guest mode of the Google Chrome browser, which does not detect Chrome’s profile settings. This means that in guest mode you can’t access your bookmarks, history and saved passwords, but at the same time it prevents Google Chrome from automatically opening downloaded files. Follow the steps below to start guest mode in the Google Chrome browser:

Step one: Click on your profile icon (your photo) in the top right corner of your Chrome browser.

Step two: Click Guest in the drop-down menu to open the Guest window.

Step three: Now browse normally and download what you want, knowing that downloaded files are not automatically opened by Google Chrome.

One last word on how to stop Google Chrome from downloading files when it opens automatically in Windows 10?

It’s a good idea to open or run the files immediately after downloading, as this saves time and effort looking them up and double-clicking. However, this is not always necessary, especially if you are working on something important. With the above methods, you can prevent Google Chrome from opening downloaded files automatically on Windows 10. You can select one to disable all files, disable specific file types, or disable the auto-open feature in a single view session.

frequently asked questions

How do I prevent Chrome from opening automatically?

Step one: Open the Chrome menu (click on the icon with the three dots in the top right corner of the window) and then click on Settings. Step two: Expand More, then click Downloads. Step three: In the Downloads group, click the Remove button next to Open certain file types automatically after download.

How do I prevent Chrome from opening files?

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