How to Use Google Parental Controls using Family Link on Android

Manage parental rights with Google One on your Android phone or tablet. Once you have added a family member, you can make it a parent or a child. Preferably it should be based on age.

There are two types of parental control applications on Google Android. One should be installed on the parent’s mobile phone and the other on the child’s device.

  1. Google Family link for parents
  2. Google Family Link for kids and teenagers

As a Google One-manager you can manage your family group. Keep an eye on your children with the Family Connection application. You can also add another parent to take care of your children. This provides the numerical basis for setting deadlines and monitoring the child.

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Google Family Links – Parents

Open this application and you will be able to see all members of your family. Above you can see his profile pictures. Click on the list of families. This screen allows you to invite another family member or observe a family member as a family member.

You can also press the + icon on the start screen. The next question is this one.

Does your child have a Google Account – End  Press Yes to continue. If your child doesn’t have one, you can click No and create a Google user account. It’ll take about 5 minutes.

The next screen asks you to pick up your child’s device. When you use your device and your child’s device, set up surveillance on your child’s mobile device. Click Next.

You will need to install the Google Family Link application for children and teenagers on your child’s device. You must then enter the configuration code for the family link to connect the two devices.

Once both phones are connected, you can see the child’s name in the parent application. Click on View to see more options.

Using family connections on your Android device

Tap Manage Settings to configure parental controls on your teen phone.

  1. Management on Google Play
  2. Filters in Google Chrome
  3. …Google Search
  4. Filter on YouTube
  5. Pages
  6. Location
  7. Account information
  8. Invoice verification

and more.

Google Playback Control

This screen allows you to determine what your child or teenager can view, buy or download on Google Play.

Purchase and loading costs

The following options are available –

  • All contents
  • All purchases with the Family Payment Method
  • Purchases on site only
  • A permit is not required.

By default, you can leave the option All content, which requires your permission if your child wants to make a purchase from the Google Play Store.

Content restrictions

As a parent, you can check the following. You need your permission to display it on Google Play. Approval is also required for payment, except for family library items.

  1. Applications and games – content restrictions can be set according to age. The age group options are 3+, 7+, 12+, 16+, 18+ and Allow all, including unrated.
  2. Movies – The following restrictions apply. U, UA, A, S, All authorized, also unclassified.
  3. Books – Limit the selection of sexually explicit books.
  4. Music – Limit music labeled by content providers.

Filter in Google Chrome

You can decide which websites your child can view in Google Chrome. He can always ask permission to visit blocked sites. There are the following options –

  • Allows all locations
  • Try to delineate areas of maturity
  • Allow only certain pages

When you click on Maintain Sites, you can indicate which sites are allowed and which are blocked.

Filter in Google search

Enable the secure search option. This enables SafeSearch to filter out sexually explicit and aggressive results in Google searches.

YouTube Filter

Set the YouTube acceleration mode to ON. This may hide videos with potentially dangerous content that you don’t want your child to see. It’s not 100% accurate, but it does help prevent sexual and explicit content from being shown to your child on YouTube.


You can see the activity of the question and set boundaries. Take a look at the different applications your child uses and the time spent on each one. This can be categorized: Today, yesterday, the last 7 days, the last 30 days.

On the Limits tab you can click on the hourglass icon to set a time limit for each request. There are two options: set a limit, block. The Set Limit option allows you to set the time limit in hours or minutes. It is possible to avoid spending too much time on YouTube or in games.


Activate the Show your child’s location option. You must then assign the administrator rights to the device on your child’s phone. So you can follow your child’s movements. Your child’s mobile phones are listed here.

When the child’s camera is pressed, 3 modes can be set: high precision, battery saving, camera only. This allows Family Link and other applications you choose to identify the location of your child’s registered smartphone.

Parents can change their child’s location settings and the information Google stores about their child.

Account information

First name, last name, dates of birth, gender group, etc. are displayed here. You can also stop surveillance from here.


This screen shows what parents can see and do -.

  • Account settings and operation
  • Applications on monitored devices
  • Location
  • Time display on monitored devices
  • Google Chrome filter, search and play

You can also stop surveillance from here.


There is an additional parental control via the Google application on Android. You can determine whether parental consent is required when your child connects to monitored iPads, iPhones, browsers and platforms.

The Privacy Settings function allows you to control the collection and processing of data. This means whether you can see your child’s bullying in Family Link. Google Motion Control with this option.

The activity of the Google Account can also be controlled by a parent, depending on the option selected here. You can decide whether it can be run by a parent or by you and your child.

Under the control settings you can configure the monitoring of the children’s section.

Switching on the place

To view your child’s website on Android mobile devices, enable this setting for your child’s Google Account. Tracking works best on Android phones with a mobile data plan. If you enable this option and allow the administrator to control your child’s phone, the GPS option can be controlled from your mobile phone. Google’s location-based services are used here.

Locking and unlocking

Now press Lock to lock your child’s Android phone. It cannot be used until you unlock it or allow it to be used.


Bedtime can also be planned and monitored using the Family Link parenting application. This will probably lock the phone after hours. It’s also a great way to tell your child it’s time to go to bed.

A list of applications installed in the last 7 days can also be found here. To find your child’s phone if it is lost, you can play a ringtone on your mobile phone. This should make it easy to find the boy if he uses it.

Frequently asked questions – FAQ

  • What is the best parental control app for Android?

Google’s Family Link application is a powerful parental control application for Android. Since both the mobile operating system and the application are search engine giant, it is more compatible with all Android devices. As a parent, you can control your child’s activities, including browsing and applications. Lock your child’s phone and easily track his or her location. The installation should also be child’s play.

  • How do I bypass Parental Controls on Android?

A child can use a VPN to relinquish parental control on Android. In the Google Play Store settings, children can also deactivate these controls. When using an application, such as. B. Family Link, you can delete the Google account that your parents are watching. The parental control settings and all other data will be deleted.

  • How can I prove that my android phone works with children?

The best way to secure your child’s device with a PIN code or fingerprint. Some phones also allow you to hide important applications. Create a unique profile for you and your child. You can then follow your child’s activity in this profile using, for example, a parent application. B. Family tie, limit. It can block malicious applications and websites with explicit content.

  • How do I set up parental controls on my phone?

You can use the Family Link app to set up parental controls on your Android phone. If you install the version of the same application for children, you can monitor their activities and control their phones. You can even manage their Google Accounts. You can use parameter maintenance in the master application to define all the different controls.

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