How to watch Netflix Japan & Best Netflix VPN for Japan

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  • Netflix Japan offers a variety of movies and TV shows, but they are not available outside of Japan.
  • If you live or travel outside of Japan, you can use a VPN application to view exclusive Japanese content.
  • Note, however, that not all VPNs are able to quickly bypass geographical restrictions.
  • Check out our guide to finding the best VPNs to watch Japanese content anywhere in the world.

Netflix Japan is one of the largest Netflix libraries in the world with over 500 exclusive Japanese movies and series. If you live or travel outside of Japan and want to watch Netflix Japan, you’ll need a reliable VPN service.

Besides, if you’re in Japan, you’ll also miss out on Netflix content. We all know that the United States has the largest Netflix library (+1200 TV shows and +4600 movies). However, Netflix users in Japan only have access to a small portion of the US library.

So if you’re currently in Japan and want unlimited access to Netflix, including US and UK libraries, you need the best Netflix VPN for Japan. You can watch Star Trek, for example: Discover Netflix with a VPN by connecting to a VPN server in Japan.

How can I watch Netflix Japan with a VPN?

    1. Download private internet access
    2. Install PIA on your PC, and then run it.
    3. Click on VPN Server in the main window
    4. Type Japan in the search field and select Japan
    5. Press the large power button to connect to the Japanese VPN server.
    6. Open your browser and navigate to Netflix (see best browsers for Netflix).
    7. You can now access the Japanese Netflix library.

What is the best Netflix VPN for Japan?

Developed by Kape Technologies, Private Internet Interface (PIA) is the best VPN for watching Netflix when you’re in Japan. It is presented in a user-friendly interface and includes more than 3,200 servers in 45 countries.

AIPs can also block ads, trackers and malware. It offers exclusive DNS servers and OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec, P2TP and SOCKS5 proxies. The VPN service does not intercept traffic or request logs.

Here are the best Netflix libraries you can watch in Japan with private internet access :

  • Netflix US: +1,500 servers (14 sites)
  • Netflix UK: +180 servers (3 sites)
  • Netflix Canada: +240 servers (3 sites)
  • Netflix Australia: +55 servers (3 locations)

Check the PIA network if you need the exact account of the VPN server.

Private Internet Access does not offer a free trial, but all license plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Private Internet access

Watch exclusive Neflix Japan broadcasts and unlock all Netflix libraries for Japan.

Netflix Japan has some of the coolest Netflix originals produced in Japan, including Good Morning, Switch, Erase, Terrace House and Miss Sherlock.

If you can’t access Japanese titles because your VPN doesn’t work with Netflix, use a more powerful VPN to get around this blockage.

Unfortunately, free VPN applications for Netflix rarely perform this task, as they use public VPN servers that Netflix quickly detects and blocks. One example is the AVG VPN for Netflix, whose servers failed to unlock the streaming service. But it’s not easy to block VPN traffic with premium applications.

We chose Personal Internet Access because it’s the best high-end VPN to unlock Netflix, whether you live in Japan or elsewhere. It has multiple servers and an exclusive DNS, the perfect combination to help you unlock any Netflix library.

FAQ: More about Netflix Japan VPN

  • Can I use a VPN to watch Gospel on Netflix Japan?

Yes, you can use a VPN to connect to a Japanese server and watch Gospel on Netflix : The Gospel of Neon Genesis, the End of the Gospel and the Gospel: Death (the truth)².

  • Are you accessing Netflix Japan with a N/A account through a VPN?

No, you still need a Netflix account to access Netflix Japan. However, no matter where the Netflix account is created, you can still use a VPN to make it look like you’re in Japan.

  • Does ExpressVPN work on Japan Netflix?

Yes, ExpressVPN also works with Netflix Japan.

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frequently asked questions

How do I change countries on Netflix?

To change the Netflix region and see the country version

How can I watch an anime on Netflix in Japan?

Is Netflix different in Japan?

Netflix Japan It’s a little different than what you might be used to, though. While the US version of Netflix offers a great selection of BBC and other British dramas, Netflix Japan is almost completely absent. On the other hand, Netflix Japan offers several movies and series that are not available elsewhere on Netflix.

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