iTunes Microsoft Store Edition vs. Standalone: Which One You Should Use?

Can’t choose between iTunes Microsoft Store Edition and iTunes standalone? This article will help you understand a number of important points.

If you’re an iPhone/iPad or iPod user, you know iTunes very well. Especially on Windows, iTunes plays an important role in managing your iOS devices. There are two types of iTunes for Windows. One is the classic Win32 standalone version and the other is the Microsoft Store version. In the grand plan of things, it’s the same. But there are differences. You may be wondering which one to use. This article will help you find the answer.

iTunes Microsoft Store Edition vs. standalone: Which one suits you best.

Many people rely on iTunes to control their iOS devices from Windows. Although some iPhone managers like iMazing, AnyTrans, or DearMob allow you to manage your iPhone without installing iTunes. These tools install the Apple driver itself to get full functionality.

For many third party tools related to the iPhone, such as. B. iPhone data recovery software, iPhone manager, DRM remover, etc., but you still need iTunes. Apart from this problem, many people prefer nothing more than iTunes. Since there are two versions of iTunes, I will tell you the pros and cons of both and tell you later which one to use.

iTunes Microsoft Store Edition: Advantages and disadvantages

The big advantage of this iTunes is that you don’t have to go to Apple’s website. You can browse and install directly from the store. Apple’s update service, which runs in the background in Windows, is not installed. This version always receives updates through Microsoft Store, just like any other application.

In terms of functionality and performance, it’s very similar to the classic Win32 iTunes. The original version was a small buggy. But at the moment it is very stable and has no major performance problems. The Store version of iTunes also seems to perform a little faster.

What’s more, you can remove this iTunes application very quickly with a single click. It does not leave behind files or folders that cannot be deleted, such as Win32 applications.

The biggest drawback is that it is not yet compatible with many third party tools. You cannot use both versions of iTunes. If you have installed the Store version, third-party applications that require classic iTunes will not work. These tools invite you to install Standalone iTunes. It’s a very annoying problem.

Secondly, although the appearance and functionality are similar, many iPhone users do not prefer it because they have encountered a strange problem. This may be due to a slight limitation that is not visible when the eyes are open.

iTunes Standalone Win32 Desktop Edition: Advantages and disadvantages

The stand-alone version of iTunes can do everything the Store version can do. Moreover, it is compatible and reliable. You may use any other third party device. For example, many users prefer MediaTrans to remove DRM from media content they have purchased or rented from Apple. A stand-alone iTunes is required for operation.

In addition, data recovery software such as D-Back for iPhone Data Recovery, PhoneRescue, etc. are compatible with this version of iTunes.

The disadvantage is that the iTunes desktop application also installs the Apple Update service, Bonjour, and a few other things. Apple’s update service remains active in the background, which many users do not want.

Installation is not as quick and easy as the in-store version. You need to go to the Apple website, find, download and install the software. You will also need to click on a number of items during installation.

If you want to uninstall iTunes, you can’t do so as easily as with the Store version. He can leave some leftovers. In addition, additional services can be installed there.

Which one should I use?

For better performance and a few other things, I recommend upgrading to the store version. Despite some shortcomings, I advise you to opt for the standalone edition. If you want to use many third-party tools to control your iPhone, a separate version is preferable.

If you want everyone to share their opinions about the iTunes Store in relation to the standalone edition, you can put them in the comment section.

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