LazPaint: A Free & Open Source Paint.NET Alternative

In a moment: LazPaint is an open source, cross-platform alternative to Paint.NET. It is a lightweight program with many options for fast image editing. Here’s a report from LazPaint.

LazPaint: Alternative Open Source Paint.NET for Linux

If you want to use tools to quickly edit and manipulate images and screenshots, you may have heard of Paint.NET, which is only available on Windows systems.

It is a stylish and popular tool that allows you to perform many basic operations with a number of available options. You may be familiar with several image editing tools, but Paint.NET is only popular because it is easy to use for the average user, without exaggeration.

LazPaint appears to be an impressive replacement for Open Source Paint.NET for Linux, Windows and MacOS. It has most of the basic functions needed to manipulate images, but is still easy to use.

Since it is a cross-platform application, even if you are not using a Linux system, you can start using it as a free open source tool if that is your priority. Let’s take a look at some of the features it offers.


As I said before, LazPaint offers a number of basic functions. I’ll list the main points here to help you decide if you need them. However, I suggest you study it to find out more.

  • All basic file formats (including multilayer bitmaps and 3D files) are supported.
  • Selection tools, Crop to selection, Select, Reverse selection.
  • Exports to Crete continue
  • Rescanning of images with different quality settings
  • Motion blur, custom blur, radial blur and pixel tools
  • Ability to remove transparency and smooth the image
  • Rotating and mirroring images
  • Converting images to negatives
  • Possibility to customize the canvas
  • Deformation tool (perspective)
  • Advanced Painting Tools
  • Indicate the colour of the work area
  • Black theme
  • Support for scripting functionality
  • Level support with extensive monitoring capabilities
  • Layer Effects
  • Filter
  • Grey Effect
  • Possibility to activate/deactivate the toolbar or connect it to the docking station

Installing LazPaint under Linux

You need to find it in your official repository to install it using the default package manager, but to get the latest version, you need to download the .deb file or compile the source code on non-Debian distributions.

I would like Flatpak, which delivers the latest version on every Linux distribution – but so far nothing.

It is also available for Windows and MacOS. You will also find a portable version for Windows that may be useful.

Latest reflections on LazPaint

I found it very easy to use, and the variety of quality settings for resampling (or resizing) of the image is certainly a good addition. If you have already installed it, you should have noticed that the installation does not take up much disk space and that it is usually a lightweight program.

That’s what’s going on right now, and most of the features I tested in my Quick Start worked pretty well without any problems.

What do you think of LazPaint as an alternative to Paint.NET? Share your thoughts with me in the following remarks.


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