Logitech G560 Lightsync Speakers Review

Some may find it hard to believe that RGB is a gadget that offers little or no real improvement in games, especially with a pair of computer speakers. The most important thing is that we accept this statement. However, the Logitech G560’s Lightsync feature isn’t a gadget. If there is an RGB product that we can recommend that can enhance your PC game experience, you can find it here. Although they may not be the best option for the modern audiophile, we can safely say that they are the most immersive speakers that have been tested to create a gaming experience.

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Logitech’s design principles focus on the disappearance of these material elements in the light they design, and they do so with incredible success. The speakers and subwoofer are housed in a deep black plastic structure.

There are no lighting elements on the subwoofer, but each speaker has four bright RGB LEDs connected to strip LEDs in the concave chamber elements. Each of the lights can be illuminated in an unusual way. The 3 2.5-inch (63.5 mm) speakers are covered with a cloth grille, but the 6.5-inch (165 mm) subwoofer is missing. The designs are manageable and sophisticated enough to get lost in the light the speakers emit from behind.

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In terms of configuration, it is usually simple. The subwoofer acts as a kind of hub, connecting two speakers to a PC via a USB port. At this point, you can download the Logitech Gaming Software application and perform the small configuration steps.

At this point you have the possibility to control your speakers via software or hardware, i.e. via Bluetooth or the 3.5 mm audio connection. The second is how to efficiently play music through these speakers from your phone.

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We found the lighting part of the proposal most inconsistent in terms of real applications, but it was attractive and exciting. While gaming software supports hundreds of games with custom lighting profiles, we only had one installed – Portal 2.

We like games like Fortnite and Warhammer: Vermintide 2. We expected this tool to be compatible with the latest PC games. But don’t worry, because the screen sampling in Speaker Marquee works just as well as the light profile in the old Discursive Portal 2.

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Well, because there’s not much to say about the whole film, which unfortunately has to be played in windowless mode, which is a controversial performance success. As you can see, although the lighting (adjustable via numeric zones set by the on-screen tool) responds to the movements and stimuli of the screen, the colours barely match the tone of the screen content.

Instead, during the intense sequences, the lights seem to blink all kinds of colours in rhythm with the movements and sound on the screen. In moments of more regular movement and pure colour, the speakers sparkle in tones and nuances. It’s a pity that in most games these moments are small and far away.

Tests have shown that the audio viewer function simply doesn’t work on a PC with an audio browser, and only works with local sources such as Groove Music. Moreover, this lighting device seems to be very close to the bass characteristic, but still makes it blink and switch more than voices.

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Most lights in game-specific profiles like Portal 2 are not much better than the screen sampling tool, if they tame it a bit. You can use general lighting patterns, such as breath and color cycles, and sync these settings with other Logitech RGB accessories. If you don’t have the right accessories? It would be impossible for you to have synchronized light patterns between your devices.

Without a doubt, the audio output of these speakers is fantastic. The basses rumble and resonate while the trebles are animated by sounds and a series of sounds. In fact, your games and movies will sound great thanks to these speakers.

In addition, the speakers offer 7.1 DTS:X ultrasonic sound. It’s certainly better than silence, but it’s still digitalized ambient sound.

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Logitech has created some great, high-quality PC speakers that aren’t as powerful as they could be when it comes to lighting. However, for a relatively high price, here you get speakers that will add truly exceptional shine and fun to your PC gaming setup.

The installation is much better than before; the lighting is not as nuanced as I would like it to be, especially when using the screen sampling mode. In addition, the speakers must support most current games with custom lighting profiles. On the other hand, PUBG and Fortnight must be available.

If you’re looking to add extra RGB superiority to your PC gaming installation, and you don’t care how you get it, the G560 will serve you exceptionally well. Otherwise you can find the right sound experience elsewhere for a little less money.

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