Meta boosts its reels by extending their duration to 90 seconds and launching new stickers and sound effects

Meta Gaming, a blockchain gaming platform with over 20M monthly active users, announced the launch of its reels. The new features include extending their duration to 90 seconds and adding stickers and sound effects for an improved experience.

The “how to make reels longer than 30 seconds” is a new feature that was recently added to the game. With this update, players can make their reels last up to 90 seconds. This also includes new stickers and sound effects.

Meta boosts its reels by extending their duration to 90 seconds and launching new stickers and sound effects

Meta expands the length of its reels to 90 seconds and introduces additional stickers and sound effects.



Short films are undeniably popular today, and as their usage extends across platforms, social networks aim to position themselves as users’ preferred platform. As a result, Meta improves your reels with new capabilities that will be accessible on both Instagram and Facebook.

These new capabilities will be pushed out in the following weeks, according to a post on Meta’s official blog. The modifications are aimed at making it simpler for content producers to develop, edit, and schedule their reels while also making them more discoverable to new audiences.

With voiceovers and video cutting capabilities, Meta gives your reels a lift.

Option to sync music, sound effects, and graphic templates are among the new features.

In Creator Studio, I’m editing reels.

The first new feature for Facebook is that creators will be able to create, modify, and schedule the publishing of their Facebook Reels using a web browser through the Creator Studio tool, which was previously only available on iOS and Android devices.

Reels with Clips

Meta also propels your reels with new desktop video cutting tools, allowing producers who often upload long-form films, both live and previously recorded, to experiment with multiple forms. Clip-to-Reel is a new function in Creator Studio that enables you to make clips from lengthy uploaded videos and edit them on a Facebook reel.

Creating clips from direct footage

Meta has taken into consideration its gaming community and has developed editing tools that will enable you to create short-form reels right from your live feed. Gamers may now trim live video and convert them to a vertical format with a runtime of up to 60 seconds, as well as include dual viewpoints for the game and the creator’s camera.


Audio tools have been updated.

From now on, producers will be able to include voices in their recordings in Facebook Reels, allowing them to publish movies with a recording in the background.

Meta introduces the SoundSync Tool, which allows producers to automatically sync movies to a music or use the Words–to–Speech function to have a computer voice read text from reels.

ideas for reels

Finally, the company announces that it is deploying the ideas for reels both in the global feed, as well as in Facebook Watch and Groups. The goal is that people’s content can be discovered by new audiences without much effort.

The new Instagram Reels features range from 60 to 90 seconds in length.

Extension of the duration to 90 seconds

The new length, which will now be 90 seconds, is one of the modifications that meta increases reels with. Remember that Meta has been testing with lengthier Reels with a select few authors since February of this year.


Stickers are used.

Polls, quizzes, and emoji sliders, which were popular in Stories, are now available in the reels, allowing artists to interact more with their fans.

Create your own audio reels by importing your own audio.

Users will be able to matter with the latest version to the social network.

Use own audios to add comments or background sound to any video with a five-second length. Only audios that were accessible on the platform may be utilized up till now.


Users will be able to utilize their preferred video templates and alter them with their own material, adding components inside the template or cutting it out, in both situations whether they want to build a reel but don’t know where to start or if they see someone else’s reel and want to duplicate it. A feature that is eerily similar to TikTok.

Finally, Meta has reminded Instagram content producers that they may suggest their reels on Facebook to reach a broader audience and grow their community.

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