Microsoft releases two Windows 11 builds, 22449 in Dev, 22000.176 in Beta

We have been waiting for a while now, and it looks like the wait is over. Microsoft has officially released a huge set of new Windows 10 features, including a new Start menu, a new Cortana voice assistant, a new power plan, a new taskbar, a new notification center, a new user account, a new file system, a new window management, a new browser, a new task manager, a new Quick Access, a new device administration tool, a new notification center, a new inking, a new Xbox app, a new Windows shell, a new Windows Store, a new Windows Defender, a new Windows Search, a new Windows Update, a new Windows Store, a new Connected Standby, a new Windows Update Server

Sure, Windows 10 S sounds awesome. But if you’ve been a Windows Insider what you’ve found is a lot of bugs, a broken Windows Store, and a tablet made by a company you’ve never heard of. This is the second release of Windows 10 S, but it doesn’t look like a lot has changed.

The Internet is full of rumors about the latest and greatest features of the upcoming Windows 10 update. Microsoft has been teasing Windows 10 Redstone 2 since late 2016. The Redstone 2 builds have been released at the same time as the previous ones. They have been delivered via Windows Update and Windows Insiders.

Microsoft updated two Insider channels at the same time today. Windows 11 version 22449 is available to Dev channel Insiders. You’ll receive Windows 11 build 22000.176 if you’re on the Beta channel. The modifications are listed below.


  • Right-clicking on the Bluetooth entry in Quick Settings and selecting Settings will now open the main Bluetooth & Devices page in Settings.
  • After an unattended update, the Windows starting sound will no longer play (aka a scheduled Windows update when you are not at your PC).
  • Added a link to the touch keyboard personalization settings from Typing > Touch Keyboard to help improve discoverability.
  • The backdrop of notifications has been changed to acrylic.
  • The animation in the notice that introduces you to Windows Hello if it hasn’t been set up has been updated.
  • The dialog that appears when you close Windows Sandbox has been updated to include rounded graphics.
  • Notification Center’s appearance has been tweaked to help the app names stand out more from the alerts.

A large number of general repairs and improvements are included in the build. Look it up here.

A word about the hardware requirements

In order to receive the coming newest builds from the Dev channel, your PC must meet certain requirements. Those include CPUs with an embedded TPM, support for secure boot, and support VBS and specific VBS capabilities. The generic hardware requirements include >1GHz, 2-core processors, 4GB memory, and 64GB of storage.

If TPM 2.0 and CPU family/model requirements are not met, Microsoft says that devices will continue to get updates, but certain new features may cease functioning or act improperly.

Finally, if the device does not satisfy the criteria beyond TPM 2.0 and CPU family, it will be granted a limited exemption to preview Windows 11 builds until October 5, 2021, when it will become generally available. They’ll continue to get updates as time goes on (for the existing installed Windows 11 version). However, later Windows 11 versions will not install, and Windows Update will display the warning notice below.


These modifications were announced earlier today by Brandon LeBlanc, who runs one of Microsoft’s Twitter accounts.

Build 22000.176 of Windows 11 (Beta)

The Search, Task View, Widgets, and Chat buttons may now be hidden or shown on the Taskbar Settings page. To access the Taskbar Settings page, right-click on the Taskbar and choose “Taskbar settings.”

This official blog article contains a list of repairs and general improvements.

Microsoft Store is an online store that sells Microsoft products

In the Beta Channel, Microsoft has released a new Store app, version 22108.1401.11.0, to Windows Insiders. The following modifications are included.

  • The new Library design, which is easier to navigate and performs better.
  • For highlighted goods, a new Spotlight design has been created.

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Microsoft has released two new builds of Windows 10, 22449 in Dev, 22000.176 in Beta. The bigger change is the addition of a new feature in the Windows Insider program. Windows Insiders will now be able to check the status of the latest build of Windows 10 in their Settings app. The new version number will be shown in the taskbar, under the notification area.. Read more about cumulative update for windows 11 (10.0.22000.71) (kb5004252) and let us know what you think.

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