Microsoft will use an Ethereum-based tool to combat pirated content

Microsoft is one of the most prominent tech companies pushing the blockchain into the mainstream. The software giant will use a blockchain technology developed by Ethereum to help fight the spread of illicit content.

Microsoft is one of the bigger names in tech these days, and with the Windows 10 operating system’s built-in features, like the Edge browser, Cortana, and Microsoft Health, it’s also one of the top names in the tech world. Yet, despite all of this, Microsoft still needs to come up with new ways to keep the company’s image as one of the best companies in the world.

Microsoft has been working with Ethereum to combat piracy. The aim is to use the Ethereum blockchain to track every single file downloaded from the internet, so that the company knows who owns the file. This way, people who are making unlicensed copies of movies or music would be exposed.


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  • When it comes to cybersecurity, Microsoft takes no risks and prepares for the future.
  • The new weapon is called Argus, and it offers a trustless security mechanism, according to the firm.
  • Alibaba and Carnegie Mellon University academics collaborated on the development of this technology.
  • Argus, in essence, enables piracy reporters to stay anonymous while yet participating in a transparent system.


We’ve all heard that internet breach attempts have been on the increase recently, and major businesses are doing all they can to remain safe in these perilous times.

In its ongoing battle against digital piracy, the Redmond-based IT firm now intends to utilize the Ethereum blockchain.

The latest protection against internet piracy is Argus.

Hybrid work has transformed the workplace well beyond what experts anticipated at the outset, and malevolent third parties are always looking for a way into our systems.

Microsoft outlines an ever-increasing need to strengthen anti-piracy efforts based on Ethereum, known as Argus, in a new study.

The paper above describes a technology that uses the blockchain to create a trustless system that enables piracy reports to stay anonymous while yet working in a transparent manner.

A system like this was created with the help of Alibaba and Carnegie Mellon University experts, and it claims to overcome a number of inevitable challenges to guarantee security despite complete openness.

What is the mechanism behind this?

To begin, you should be aware that Ethereum is an open software platform on which users may create a variety of decentralized apps.

Ethereum, like Bitcoin, uses a public blockchain network to execute the programming code of any decentralized application.

Argus, in essence, would allow for the backtracing of pirated material to its source via a watermark algorithm.

Each report sent to Argus is protected by an information-hiding mechanism that enables only the informer to submit the identical watermarked copy without really possessing it.

The goal of the tool’s creators is to make real-world anti-piracy operations really successful by switching to a completely transparent incentive system.

It’s also worth noting that Argus doesn’t have an issue with Ethereum’s infamously high transaction costs.

The cost of piracy reporting has been lowered to the equivalent of sending approximately 14 ETH-transfer transactions to execute on the public Ethereum network thanks to cryptographic procedures. Thousands of transactions would otherwise be involved.

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