Microsoft’s Windows 11 Update comes with new Voice Access features

Windows is getting a new update that gives you voice access to your computer. It’s called “Windows Voice Access”.

Microsoft's Windows 11 Update comes with new Voice Access features


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  • Microsoft intends to offer a new Windows 11 preview, Voice Recognition, for testers in the Windows Insider Program.  
  • On its new touch-screen keypad, Microsoft has placed tear-drop symbols to the left of each letter.
  • Users may use the keyboard to type text and numbers, open and shut programs, click buttons, and choose menu items.
  • The new Voice Recognition feature expands the OS’s capabilities by allowing users to operate their devices and issue orders using their voice.


Microsoft has announced that a new Windows 11 preview will be released for Windows Insider Program users.

Voice Recognition is a noteworthy new feature, in addition to standard improvements. The new function, according to Microsoft, is more efficient and performs better for touch-keyboard users.

A Voice Recognition upgrade is included in Microsoft’s Windows 11 Preview Build 22538, which is accessible on the development channel.

Keypad with a touch screen

Microsoft has added tear-drop symbols to the left of the letter keys on the new touch-screen keypad. The phone has been developed to make specific tasks easier, such as spelling words, typing emojis, names, and emails, as well as punctuation marks and symbols. 

Microsoft has revealed that future upgrades would increase the amount of accessible touch keyboard commands.

By providing on- and off-commands, Windows 11 users may still utilize their voice to type text. Voice commands allow users to do activities without having to go through the effort of writing them down. 

Voice Recognition

The Voice Recognition feature is still in its early stages of development for the Windows platform. It was first launched in December 2021 and has been available to Windows Insiders only since then.

Microsoft’s voice-to-text program, which comes packaged with Windows 11, now has a new capability. Voice Typing was one of numerous new features included in Microsoft’s newest operating system.

The newly-introduced Voice Recognition component enhances the capabilities of the OS. Through this feature, users can now control their devices and give commands through their voices.

To input text and numbers into programs, as well as manage parts of Windows 11, you may utilize a variety of approaches. You can use your mouse to launch programs, click buttons, and choose menu items.

Are you excited to see the new Voice Recognition updates come to Windows 11? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below. 

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