Move Over Jaybird and Beats; BEO’s H5 Raises the Bar

Bose’s latest pair of Bluetooth earbuds, the buds that happen to be the most expensive in the world, are the company’s first truly wireless “ears”. The unique feature that sets the H5 apart from other Bluetooth earbuds is the battery, which boasts a whopping 14 hours of playback on a single charge. At $400, the H5 may cost a lot, but it will set you back a lot less than its closest competitors, the Jaybird X3 and the BeatsX, which run at $300 and $200, respectively.

In the world of Bluetooth earbuds, everyone has their favorite. But what if you want to wear a pair that’s not only well-designed, but also works with your phone, music player, and fitness tracker? Enter Bose and their newest pair of wireless headphones, the H5. Priced at $249, the new H5s feature a better battery life than some of their competitors, as well as a unique design that’s easily identifiable as Bose. With the Bose Connect app, the headphones will sync with devices and notify you of incoming calls, texts, and other notifications.

Since we didn’t have enough headphone options for training, we now have our eye on another pair. I can save you a lot of time if money is an issue. The Bang & Olufsen H5 speakers cost about $250 if you buy them on Amazon. Oh, you have that much money for Bluetooth headphones? So by all means, here… word-image-1353 (Source: These little beauties are B&O’s first wireless experience. As you’d expect from Bang and Olufsen, the H5 delivers a superior Bluetooth sports experience, from design to sound and technology. The H5 uses Bluetooth 4.2, which, in case you didn’t already know, is all you need for short-range wireless communication. perfect execution, almost word-image-640 (Source: From a designer’s point of view, B&O only makes beautiful products. The H5, designed by Scandinavian artist Jakob Wagner, is no exception. The earpieces of this headset are connected by a braided fabric cord, on which the control buttons are located. The headphones have a simple design, big enough for the speakers but not too big to be removed from the ear canal. They come with seven mouthpieces in two different materials: Foam or silicone. Each button also has a small magnet that holds the buttons together when not in use and lets them hang like a chain. This will ensure that you do not lose your expensive headphones. During charging, the magnets make it easier to keep the buttons in the charging station. The only caveat we have with the design is the assumption that there are enough earpieces to fit all ears. If we’ve learned anything about headphones over the past few decades, it’s that ears look like snowflakes. One is different from the other. No in-ear or over-the-ear accessories are supplied with the H5 headphones. When you start to sweat, it’s hard to keep them in your ears. Sound quality word-image-1354 (Source: Nobody beats B&O on sound, so Jaybird and Beats can give up. They always beat the competition in this category. There’s a companion app (because who doesn’t make companion apps these days?) that lets you adjust the sound. The app also offers presets for activities like commuting or working out, if you don’t feel like doing that. Nevertheless, expect top results. The H5 can play high-resolution files and promises CD-like sound quality, like Jaybird’s Freedoms but not Beats’ Powerbeats2. This technology uses a Bluetooth accessory called aptX that captures and enhances the flat sound produced by Bluetooth. This is the new standard in Bluetooth headsets, but it remains to be seen if it’s good enough for music lovers. Probably not, but keep trying, guys. The rest of us will enjoy the updates while he’s having fun at the gym. I’ve never given up on a workout because of the sound quality. I’ve had a few workouts where one side of my headphones didn’t work or the cables got tangled, but never one where I wasn’t satisfied with the level of equalization. As long as the speakers offer volume and bass, I can entertain myself for an hour with most headphones. Technology word-image-641 (Sound: The H5s uses Bluetooth 4.2, not 4.1 like the Jaybird Freedoms or Powerbeats2, which have Bluetooth 4.0. Bluetooth 4.2 is 250 times faster than its predecessor. This speed means that smaller audio packets (the way audio is sent from your device to your headphones) make for a smoother listening experience. The charger for your H5s, as mentioned, uses magnets to hold it in the cube charger. There is no wired connection; charging is wireless. A charge takes about two hours, but lasts for five hours. You can run a marathon with your H5s. The advantage of this charging system is that the H5s remains waterproof because there is no charging port. Although the headphones look like the same old foam or silicone plugs you see from every manufacturer, B&O says the plugs are specifically designed for comfort and functionality. For example, the foam tips have a silicone membrane on the inside to prevent perspiration from reaching the electronics. Ultimately, it depends on your taste in sound. If you’re like me, the volume is fine, but if you want to play acoustic AAC files concert hall style, these are your new headphones. The only thing they have in their favor is an almost wireless feature. Nobody likes headphones that get in the way while working out. They are protected in this respect. IMHO, in this case, the cost is almost justified.

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