No, the creator of cURL didn’t morph into Elon Musk and give away Bitcoins. But his hijacked Twitter page tried to • The Register

The creator of cURL assured Reg on Tuesday that he is not a billionaire rocket scientist giving away coins, no matter what his Twitter account says.

Danielle Stenberg, who supports network transmission tools widely used by the Swiss military, hacked into her verified Twitter account, changed her name and avatar to Alon Mask, and used it to scam Bitcoin.

In a conversation with El Reg shortly before he finally convinced Twitter to regain control of his profile, Stenberg said he was pretty sure that none of his CURL works had been compromised or cracked by malicious code. This robbery is very similar to the one that took place on a large scale at the beginning of the year, when the Muskus Twitter account was forced to give up its shares of the crypto currency in exchange for more.

No, I have no idea how they got into my account, Mr. Stenberg told the clerk. I’m pretty sure they haven’t shared or hacked into my local machines/accounts and it’s all done via an external Twitter account. Besides, the mystery to me is how it happened.

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Security? Twitter should have a CISO to prevent the hacking of Bitcoin, according to the U.S. Treasury Department.


Stenberg wrote on his website that someone took control of his Twitter account, which has 24,000 followers, while he was debugging the cURL code – this person quickly changed his registered email address and account password to block it before turning it into a Bitcoin scam.

At 0042, the early morning of the 16th. In November (Central European Time) I received an email saying that someone had tweeted from a new device to my @bagder account. The mail said that it came from Stockholm, Sweden, and that it was Chrome on Windows. I live in Stockholm, Stenberg wrote.

As soon as he was forced to leave all his other Twitter sessions, he realized he had been hacked. At 00:00. He tweeted about it at 50; at 00. At 5100 hours he provided additional information for verification. Only two days later he got his Twitter account back.

On the 17th, at 8:56. In November I received an email with the message that the account had been returned to my email address and was in my possession, Stenberg wrote.

The digital joy seems to coincide with the fact that Bitcoin has reached $17,000 for one currency – a maximum it hasn’t reached since January 2018.

Sorry to interrupt. I immediately noticed hip-hop and tweeted it after 8 minutes, then I had to wait 45 hours and now I’m back.

– Danielle Stenberg (@bagder) 17. November 2020.

CURL Speculator : One of the most confusing things I keep thinking about is how I got the message on Twitter that someone had logged into my account * from Stockholm *. I mean, what are the chances someone will try to hack my account from an IP range that is in the same shared range as me? But I can’t draw any reasonable conclusions on that basis, it just seems… too improbable coincidence.

Really, maybe not. A group of Dutch hackers who claimed to have guessed the Twitter password of U.S. President Donald Trump earlier this year, thought the site used location-based control as a form of authentication to find and bypass this feature of Trump’s VPN account.

Unless you tweet Bitcoin to strangers. Even if an electric car salesman tells you that. ®

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