Razer Kaira Pro for Xbox Review

The Razer Kaira Pro is a real gold mine for gamers in need of hardware. Since almost all Xbox One accessories work perfectly with Microsoft’s new consoles, the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. There is no tangible reason to buy the latest and greatest gadgets. This wireless headset offers excellent sound quality, a comfortable fit, a beautiful and attractive design, good Bluetooth functionality, and is priced at $150.

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The Kaira Pro headset is durable and well designed. It is a rigid upper belt, and the rotating forks are plastic. In addition, the inner frame is made of rigid plastic and filled with a thin, etched aluminium plate, on which adjustable measuring tapes can be attached. The black plastic brings out Razer’s green accents. (Thin strips of green leather on the rim, the bottom of the ear cushions and the middle of the top padding of the temples are covered with green mesh). On the back of the earbuds are some Razer RGB logos in case you want an extra, different color.

On the back of the left cup there is a volume control, a microphone switch and an on/off switch. There’s a USB-C port for charging, and you can use an optional charging cable. On the right side are two pairing buttons, one for Xbox consoles, one for Bluetooth and one to switch the in-game audio mix to chat.

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Pairing devices and switching between Xbox and Bluetooth is always simple and straightforward. You need to press the right button on the headset and then the pairing button on the Xbox, or use the Bluetooth menu on your smartphone or computer.

On the front panel is a connection for a detachable Kaira Pro cardioid microphone. Regardless of Razor’s Hyperclear brand, it works well, as do most wired cardioid microphones in high-end headsets. Thanks to its precise placement, it offers a clear and quiet sound.

Above the wired microphone is a small hole indicating the location of the built-in mobile microphone, which is used for chatting when the wired microphone is not connected. Compared to the LucidSound 15X, Razer has added a built-in microphone for gamers who want to use the headset with their phone for both gaming and taking calls on the go. They would also like to be able to use it without a microphone in front of them talking in their face.

In addition, the sound quality of a secondary microphone is somewhat inferior to that of a cardioid microphone, so the sound of your voice will be slightly affected. The built-in microphone absorbs less ambient noise than other gaming headsets and wireless headphones. But the microphone is better when you’re in a quiet place.

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The headset is comfortable. At 331 grams, it’s so heavy you won’t forget you have it on your head, and so light you won’t have to worry about leaving it on for hours. Without ANC, Active Noise Cancellation, the head end of the surround sound falls away. It’s also roomy, with enough space to convey sound effectively without a speaker in your ears.

The ear cups and memory foam band are lined with Razor’s exclusive Flowknit mesh, which is overall very comfortable. But they can get hot and itchy quickly. The Kiara Pro headset won’t make you sweat, even in a hot environment. It’s an expensive console helmet, but the mesh is a cheap option, so using it is a little sloppy.

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The Razer Kaira Pro does not offer the most accurate sound quality. This is nothing like the standard frequency response of other gaming headphones, with lows amplified by about 10 dB and mids and highs finely muted. The sound won’t be too unbalanced, but don’t expect this gaming headset to deliver high frequency sound.

This type of audio output is ideal for electronic music and other genres that benefit from powerful bass, but the sound of strings and some cymbals may be lost in the noise. For example, some subtle details get a little lost in the listening masks, like the hi-hat, the drum break, and the little pops on the edge of Tom Morello’s guitar solo.

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This audio output is ideal for electronic music and other music genres that benefit from solid bass. However, you will notice that some string and cymbal sounds are missing from the sound. For example, classic Rage Against the Machine radio is usually great on the Razer Kaira Pro, as all the guitar chords and bass notes are clearly audible.

In a game, this sound profile means that the sound on the battlefield can be chaotic, or even more chaotic. Unless the Kaira Pro’s bass is extremely loud, as would be the case with a more neutral headset, the sounds of explosions and gunfire are likely to be drowned out by the more subtle beeps that fill the game’s soundscape. This shouldn’t be a problem in most cases, as games are generally balanced in terms of sound, but don’t expect to hear footsteps when playing games like Fortnite or Valiant’s Shootout.

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The Razer Kaira cannot match this level of padding from the Razer BlackShark V2, although the pad material is similar. But you probably won’t have much trouble at home. This level of attenuation is sufficient to prevent noisy housemates and unnecessary noise from distracting you while you play. It can’t do much outside your four walls (say, in a noisy coffee shop), which is disappointing given the Bluetooth headset’s capabilities.

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According to Reiser, the Kaira Pro lasts about 20 hours when the Chroma is off and 15 hours when it is on.

In battery tests, the Razer Kaira Pro worked for over 21 hours and 25 minutes at a constant 75dB, even with the Chroma lighting on. This test was done with the Xbox Wireless. Expect poor results with Bluetooth technology and higher volumes. If you turn off the Chroma lighting, you can expect better results.

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Playing with the Razer Kaira Pro gives you a fantastic and smooth experience. Once the headset is paired, turn it on and you’re ready to go. It is light and comfortable enough to wear during a long gaming session. The headset also supports Windows Sonic Surround Sound on Xbox. That said, it’s not the best PC gaming headset.

If the purchase of an additional adapter is unacceptable to you, the Razer Kaira Pro does not allow you to change the volume via your computer’s sound settings. Only the volume control at the ear is affected. And although Windows supports Sonic, the ambient standard does not work well with the Xbox wireless adapter and in some cases reduces sound quality.

If you’re a cross-platform gamer, it’s no surprise that the number of Xbox Game Pass users is growing significantly. However, don’t expect any problems if you stick with the Xbox.

The Razer Kaira Pro is a wireless Bluetooth gaming headset. It features unbeatable bass, Bluetooth-free audio with Xbox Wireless technology, attractive RGB lighting, a streamlined design and comfort. They also include a boom microphone that ensures your voice sounds clear and detailed, even in noisy environments. Unfortunately, they have a colossal design and are not really wearable.

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