Samsung TV remote is not working? How to fix

Many Samsung TV models have a remote control that is not working. This can be caused by a number of different reasons, but the most common symptoms include no picture or sound on your TV. If you’re having trouble with your Samsung smart TV’s remote, here are some steps to help fix it yourself.

The “samsung tv remote sensor not working” is a problem that has been present for a while. Samsung has released a fix to fix the issue.

The easiest method to repair a broken Samsung TV remote is to figure out what’s causing the issue in the first place. You could notice, for example, that a button does not react when you push it.

It’s also possible that the remote won’t link with the TV or that the sensor isn’t functioning. It will be difficult to diagnose or solve the problem until you know what is causing it.

There are just four possible causes for a Samsung TV remote to cease operating properly. Bad batteries, a technical problem with the gadget, a malfunctioning remote, and a faulty sensor on the TV are all examples.

The first step in diagnosing the issue is to check the battery. Replace the batteries, wipe the remote’s top edges, and inspect the terminals first. If the issue continues, try one of the following solutions.

While trying these troubleshooting methods, you may use the Samsung SmartThings app or a compatible keyboard and mouse to manage your TV from your phone.

Fixing a Samsung TV that doesn’t react to the remote

Follow these troubleshooting steps if your Samsung TV won’t react to the remote:

1. Turn on your television.

Restarting your television will reset the system and enable you to begin again.

  • Turn off the television.
  • Remove it from the power supply.
  • Allow roughly 30 seconds to pass.
  • Reconnect the TV to the power outlet.

See what happens if you use the remote to turn it on.

2. Put your digital camera to the test.

A digital camera test might assist you figure out whether the remote’s infrared is functioning.

  • Turn on the camera on your phone.
  • Aim the remote towards the camera’s lens.
  • On the remote, press a button.
  • To signify that the remote is operating, the remote’s Infrared eye should glow on the camera screen.

If the remote works, the problem is with the TV’s remote sensor. However, if it does not operate, the remote is faulty. Replace it if necessary.


How to repair a non-working Samsung TV remote sensor

Check for any blockage between the remote and the sensor on your TV to troubleshoot the remote sensor. If an item is between the two, the infrared signal will be blocked.

You’ll need to restart your television and try again. Follow the above-mentioned instructions.        

If the sensor still doesn’t function after you’ve followed these methods, return the TV to the vendor if it’s still under warranty. If not, look for a reputable technician who is familiar with Samsung televisions.

Troubleshooting the touchpad on a Samsung Smart TV

The Samsung Smart Touch Remote’s touchpad might lose sensitivity at times. Constant variations in the calibration level might create the problem.

Recalibrating the Smart Touch Remote is a better method to solve the problem.

  • For three seconds, press and hold the NUMBER key.
  • The calibration process will start.
  • The remote’s LED will flash twice once it has been calibrated.

Avoid touching the touchpad during the calibration procedure. If the problem continues to occur, you may need to calibrate the touchpad from time to time.

If the remote stops working fully, it’s preferable to replace it with a suitable replacement that’s compatible with your TV. For all Samsung TVs, you may also use the Omaic universal remote.

Omaic remotecourtesy of

What to do if your Samsung remote won’t pair               

Resetting a remote that isn’t pairing will cure the problem. Here’s how you should go about it:

  • Remove the batteries. If at all feasible, use fresh ones.
  • Hold the power button for at least 20 seconds while the batteries are removed.
  • Press and hold the power button.
  • Replacing the batteries is a simple task.
  • To re-link, hold down the Play/Pause and Back keys at the same time.

When you’re finished,

  • Place the remote near the TV’s sensor.
  • For at least three seconds, press and hold the Return and Play/Pause buttons simultaneously.

The remote will begin to connect with your Samsung TV. A notification will appear confirming that the remote has been linked to your television.

What if your remote’s red light is blinking?

When your Samsung TV remote stops functioning and begins flashing red, there are a few things you may do to repair it:

  • Restart the television as described in step one.
  • As stated in step four above, re-pair the remote.

If none of the previous methods work, try resetting the remote. Remove the batteries from the container first.

For eight seconds, press and hold the Power button. Replace the batteries and attempt to use the remote again.


When your Samsung TV remote stops functioning, there are a few things you may do to diagnose or solve the issue. Replace the batteries, wipe the remote’s top edges, and inspect the terminals first.

If you’re having trouble with the red light blinking, you might try pairing the remote again. You may also repair a touchpad that isn’t working by calibrating it from time to time.

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