Sling TV Deals, Discounts & Promotions In 2021

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As of March 31st, 2018, Sling TV has over 2 million subscribers and is the most popular streaming service among cord-cutters. The company offers subscription deals for new customers every month through their website. With a plethora of monthly promotions to choose from in 2021, there’s never been a better time to get access to cheap content on demand with your favorite channels like TBS and TNT.

Sling TV often provides new customers a variety of specials and promotions, which generally result in a reduction in the cost of a subscription during the first month or the opportunity to get free gear. Knowing what bargains are available when signing up will assist ensure that a person or subscriber gets the most out of their live TV subscription.


Sling TV is, in general, one of the most economical live TV streaming solutions. The service has seen a number of price rises over the years, but with plans beginning at $35 a month, it remains a more inexpensive option than many other options, such as DirecTV Stream (previously AT&T TV), fuboTV, Hulu Live TV, and YouTube TV.

When it comes to Sling, there are two primary options to select from. While the channel choices and amount of streams change between the Sling Blue and Sling Orange subscriptions, they aren’t handled any differently in terms of promotions. For example, regardless of the Sling TV package a person or family choose, all of the current bargains mentioned below are accessible.


Current Sling TV offers expire in August 2021.

Sling TV is now providing a variety of packages. These are distinct promos, as promised, and they cannot be combined. To put it another way, everyone interested in signing up for Sling TV can only take advantage of one of the offers stated below.

Get a $25 discount on your first month

Sling TV is presently providing the chance to join up for just $10 for the first month if you merely want to save money on live TV. Given that Sling Blue and Sling Orange subscriptions start at $35 per month, this represents a $25 savings, giving it a fantastic and inexpensive method to see whether Sling TV is the perfect live TV streaming service before committing to the full monthly fee.

Subscribers to Sling TV pay a monthly fee that is paid in advance. One advantage of this strategy is how simple it is to cancel a membership. Sling TV often offers extra bargains, such as free gear, to customers who are ready to pay ahead for a longer period of time than typical.

Sling TV is now providing a free streaming player, as well as hardware packages that might assist make viewing local channels a bit simpler.


AirTV Mini is available for free.

Sling TV is giving away a free AirTV Mini streaming device to new subscribers who join up and pay for two months of live TV in advance. Although there are better streaming players on the market, the AirTV Mini was created exclusively for Sling TV. For people who are just interested in Sling TV, the AirTV Mini’s higher amount of customisation is likely to make it a viable choice.

Antenna for HDTV is free.

Local channel availability, like that of other live TV streaming services, is determined not just by the user’s location, but also by carriage agreements. Sling TV isn’t the ideal choice for locals, which is why the service gives new members a free HD antenna if they pay for the first two months in advance. Sling TV members may use the antenna to view their local channels over the air, albeit the strength of the signal will determine whether they gain access to their local ABC, CBS, Fox, and NBC stations. This is in addition to knowing which channels are accessible in their immediate region.

Free HD antenna with AirTV 2

Sling TV members can also get an AirTV 2 and HD antenna for $49 if they pay for three months in advance, saving them almost $100 over the equipment’s quoted price of $149.94. Unlike the AirTV Mini, the AirTV 2 is a streaming device that links to a separate streaming player through an over-the-air HD antenna (also included). After that, the user will be able to see and access local channels straight from the Sling TV menu. Subscribers will be able to record their local channels if an external DVR is also added to the mix.

Free HD antenna and AirTV Anywhere

The AirTV Anywhere and HD antenna package is another option for new Sling TV users. Subscribers may obtain this package for $99 if they join up and pay for three months in advance, as opposed to the quoted $244.98 price for the gear. AirTV Anywhere functions similarly to the AirTV 2, in that it needs an additional HD antenna (included in the package) and an existing streaming device to enable access to local channels inside the Sling TV guide. However, the AirTV Anywhere differs in that it comes with its own 1TB DVR, enabling customers to record local channels as well. Additionally, the gadget may broadcast accessible local channels to up to four TVs in the house without the usage of any extra gear.

The best bargain will be determined by the demands of the person or family that will be utilizing the subscription. It’s important to remember, though, that any reductions or promotions added to the cost of a Sling TV subscription are only valid for a short time. Consumers should constantly be informed of the next non-discounted payment date and terminate their membership if they do not want to continue paying the higher rate.

Sling TV is the only live streaming service that lets you watch popular cable networks like ESPN, AMC, TNT, TBS and more without a cable subscription. Sling TV offers a 7-day free trial for new customers. Reference: sling tv promo code for existing customers.

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