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Digital music has been around for a long time now, but it is still not as popular as physical albums. With the recent rise of streaming services and singles dominating sales charts, the industry seems to have found its footing again. However, there are those who believe that this could be an indication of yet another slowing period in growth – with potentially dire consequences if things continue on their current trajectory.

These are crucial days for Snap Inc, with CEO Evan Spiegel confirming reports of a slowdown in earnings growth (balanced by a decrease in recruiting) and announcing the roll-out of the new shared Stories. Snapchat: slow growth, roll-out for shared Stories

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Snapchat, the popular photo-sharing app, has reported slowing growth and hiring delays to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), but has also formalized the roll-out of a new collaborative feature that is already in use.

Snap INC, the Snapchat parent company, announced in a recent filing with the SEC (the American Securities and Exchange Commission) that it expects to fail sales and operational gross margin projections this quarter: In particular, the causes of slower growth on the part of the ghost platform would be inflation, the damage that the iOS privacy change continues to reap (which allowed users, once made aware of the issue, to opt out of being tracked by additional apps), and the conflict waged by Russia since, even though advertisers have resumed most of the campaigns they had suspended at the start of the hostilities, Snap has stated that it will halt its operations.

As a result of these findings, Snap Inc has stated that, given the current operating environment, it will continue to invest according to its priorities, but at a slower pace, and that – at the same time – expenses will be managed responsibly, so that “the pace of hiring for non-open roles will slow down”: the gains will come in the coming months from “increased productivity of our existing team members.”

Collaborative content is one of the hottest trends right now. Spotify has the (improved) Custom Stories feature, which allows users to invite friends to see and contribute to a Story: in the evolution of this feature, Spotify is now rolling out the new Shared Stories feature, which allows friends added to a group to invite their friends in turn, allowing, for example, all members of a work team or a football team to join in the fun.

These collaborative Stories will be secure on multiple levels: first, unlike groups and standard Stories, they will not include a chat component; second, the Snaps posted to these collaborative Stories will expire after 24 hours. Furthermore, the collaborative tales will be monitored by a combination of AI and human capital, as shown in the community signaling tools’ and automated language detection’s actions. Last but not least, you will be notified if you have joined a Collaborative Story with someone who has been blocked.

To create the new collaborative Stories, simply enter your profile and select “New Shared Story” (with accompanying explanation lines) under “New Story”: once you’ve confirmed your decision, you can choose the members of the shared story who will be able to “add content, view other members, and invite their friends.”

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