[SOLVED]- Samsung Galaxy S21 Won’t Turn On Error Using 8 Methods

If you have a new Samsung Galaxy S21 phone, you may be familiar with its features and popularity. Many people think it’s worth it, but it’s also true that the Galaxy series phone has serious issues over time. Almost all smartphones are prone to corruption or other serious problems.

In this situation, many users have reported that the Samsung Galaxy S21 no longer turns on. If you encounter the same problem, you need to fix it immediately, otherwise you will no longer have access to your phone to make calls, send texts, take pictures, etc.

So browse through this article and investigate the reasons why your Samsung phone won’t turn on, as well as possible solutions for the Samsung Galaxy S21 that won’t turn on.

Why won’t my Samsung phone turn on?

Many users have reported that my phone has died and won’t turn on or charge, but they don’t know why. Well, it can be very annoying, but it is important to know the causes that lead to this problem.

Here are a few of them:

  • Maybe your phone needs to be charged because it hasn’t been charged in a while.
  • Water damage can also cause Samsung to ignore this problem.
  • Due to a software error
  • Hardware failure is also the reason why your Samsung phone won’t turn on.

How do I solve the problem that the Samsung Galaxy S21 does not turn on?

Now it’s time to check the possible solutions so that the Samsung Galaxy doesn’t go wrong again. If your Samsung phone stops turning on after an update, the following solutions may also help.

Solution 1: Charge your phone

Probably the main reason why the Samsung phone is dead and won’t turn on is the fact that the device is not charged. In this situation, you need to charge your phone because your phone’s battery may be dead. Plug the unit into a power outlet and charge it for a while. If your phone works fine after that, everything is fine, otherwise continue with the next solution.

Solution 2: Perform a soft reset on the Galaxy S21

You can also perform a soft reset on your Galaxy S21 phone and hope it works again. Just press the power + volume button for 10 seconds. This will reboot your phone and allow you to access your phone as before. So you can easily and quickly solve the problem of your Samsung phone not turning on.

Solution 3: Make sure the phone’s charging port is working.

It is possible that the phone’s charging port is damaged, so it no longer charges. If such a thing happens, you should carefully examine the device to see if it has overheated or if the battery has exploded. Also check the charging port and remove it immediately if it contains dirt or debris.

Solution 4: Forced reset of your S21 Galaxyphone

Here, you need to make sure that your phone has not suffered any physical or liquid damage and then force a reboot of the device. This refreshes the phone’s memory and reloads all applications and services. In addition, the process can correct various errors that occur over the phone.

Perform the following steps :

  • First, press and hold the volume and power buttons for 10 seconds. This will start up the phone.
  • When you see the Samsung logo on the screen, release both buttons and let the Galaxy S21 continue with the boot process.

If you see the logo, the problem has been successfully resolved. But also remember that if the first attempt fails, you must do the same thing again, otherwise continue with the next method.

Solution 5: Restart the Samsung Galaxy S21 in protected mode

Your Samsung phone may not turn on after the update because some applications are not compatible with the device’s software. They may be applications downloaded from unreliable websites, and they may crash. By restarting your Samsung phone in safe mode, you will know if a third-party application is causing the problem.

Therefore, you need to reset the unit by following the steps below :

Press the power key and wait for the Samsung logo to appear on the phone screen. When the logo appears, release the button and press and hold the volume button. When the phone is turned on, the protected mode is displayed at the bottom of the screen.

Solution 6: Restart your Samsung Galaxy S21 phone inrecovery mode

If your Samsung phone still doesn’t turn on, I recommend restarting the device in recovery mode. Here are the steps to follow:

  • First, turn the device off or press and hold the Volume Up and Volume Down keys.
  • Here you can see the Samsung logo. Now close all buttons and the installation of system updates will become visible. Then the system restore menu appears with several options
  • Now press and hold the Volume Down key to clear the cache partition.

  • Then press the power button
  • Press and hold the Volume Down button to select Yes and press the Power button again.
  • Here you will see the Remove section and when you are done, press the power button again to restart the device.

Solution 7: What should I do if the methods described above do not work?

After trying all the above methods to fix Samsung Galaxy S21 does not turn on, if you still cannot fix it, it may be a hardware failure. This means that your phone needs technical support. In such a situation, you should take the phone to a repair shop. If there is a warranty period on it, your problem can be solved quickly.

Solution 8: The best way to fix the Samsung Galaxy S21 will not be theversion

Apart from all the above solutions, I recommend you to use Android Repair to fix the error quickly. This professional tool corrects all errors on your Android phone. If you come across a Samsung phone that won’t turn on, or if the Samsung Galaxy S21 won’t turn on, this tool is the only way to fix it. It is easy to use and can solve multiple problems with ease.

Whether the problem is software or hardware related, this tool can quickly fix the issue and get your phone working normally again.



So, we have come to the end of this blog where we discuss some troubleshooting ideas for the Samsung Galaxy S21 that are not related to the problem. If the problem persists, I recommend you to use Android Repair software to solve the problem quickly.

If you have any further help or questions, please leave a comment in the section below.

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