T1 Tact Smartwatch Review – 2020 Deep Dive

T1 Overview of the smart and tactful watch – Deep-sea diving in 2020

User overview

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Deep immersion in the Intelligent Touch Watch T1

This Ticwatch smartphone is part of a new generation of smart clocks that transform the device from a simple wrist terminal for your smartphone into a smartphone at your fingertips.

Following the current trend towards miniaturization, which includes a full SIM card connector and expandable memory options, manufacturers of this type of smartphone have succeeded in creating a device that almost completely eliminates the need for a real smartphone.

First of all, this watch has a full mobile inbound and outbound service supported by most major mobile operators. A partnership with a Verizon mobile provider ensures that each smartphone has a SIM card pre-installed, ready for use on Verizon networks as soon as the clock is activated. In addition, a relatively powerful 16GB image has been added in addition to the MicroSD card slot, which combines most telephone and computer functions in one device.

Like most smart watches, this device is designed for a very active lifestyle and can easily be taken in the shower or swimming pool; its IP68 water resistance guarantees the wearer that his or her watch comes out of the beverage fully functional. The case and bracelet are also hardened and shockproof so that the user can do his job without having to worry about breaking the device at the wrist.

One of the main problems for any user of Smartwatch is battery life, because this watch consumes much more power than its analog counterparts or even its simple digital counterparts. To this end, this watch is equipped with a multilayer display that adjusts different levels of brightness and reflection to the light conditions to make best use of the battery, both day and night. The watch is charged by its own charging cradle and can last up to 30 days on a single charge, which is significantly longer than the two to five days usually required for comparable smartphones.

True to the dominant archetype of smart clocks, this device also includes a full-fledged fitness monitor with highly sensitive heart rate monitor and a body temperature monitor optimized for nine different sports modes to give you a full picture of your lifestyle. This allows the wearer to recognise healthy or unhealthy habits and make the right changes to his or her daily routine.

In addition to mobile telephony and fitness monitoring, this watch supports various third-party applications, including Google’s recently released Wear operating system. This operating system optimises many of Google’s standard applications, such as Google Play and music stores, because the clocks on the compact platform are automatically delivered by the Smartwatch hardware. This allows users to download applications directly to their smart watches instead of running them from a mobile device, greatly increasing users’ viewing freedom from their large devices.

As mentioned above, the physical design of the watch goes far beyond what one would normally expect from an intelligent watch. It features an 810 gram aluminium military case and a Corning gorilla glass screen that makes it impenetrable to anything but intentional destructive behavior.

The watch automatically detects your health condition through the built-in fitness sensors and adjusts the tracking modes accordingly, so your fitness report is accurate even if you don’t have time to take care of it yourself.

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Who is it for?

This watch is designed for a very active person who is constantly on the move and has no time to answer calls or leave the phone to check messages. It is also a reliable companion in a sporting or outdoor environment, keeping essential means of communication in reserve in the event of a problem.

It should be noted that this watch is not intended for anyone who is in doubt as to whether they need all the features of this smartphone, especially as it is expensive. If this watch has several functions that are not interesting, we advise you not to buy it.

What we like about T1 Tact Smartwatch

The Smartwatch T1 Tact has the decisive advantage that it can be used to provide immediate service to mobile phones of any device. Thanks to its partnership with Verizon, the Ticwatch manufacturer guarantees each customer immediate mobile service, anywhere in the Verizon network, as soon as they open the box.

Tact comes with a built-in SIM card that can send and receive calls or connect to a mobile device. If you are not a Verizon customer, you can replace your SIM card with the service provider of your choice.

It should also be noted that extra efforts have been made to make this watch as robust and durable as possible. Many smart watches will be water resistant, but will hardly ever have a hard screen or a sturdy bracelet. So it’s always a relief to see such a watch with the gorilla glass and a hard rubber strap with a metal lock that keeps it firmly in place no matter what you choose.

Of course, this does not mean that the water resistance is not too high; IP68 means that this watch is fully submerged, not just splashed, so that it can accompany you when swimming or bathing.

The latest highlight of this watch is the Google Wear operating system, which places many more applications than before in a format fully adapted for use with Smartwatch hardware. Many applications are not supported or become extremely cumbersome when starting a smartphone. A device that has already solved this problem is therefore a clear advantage.

What we don’t like about T1 Tact Smartwatch

The most important thing you don’t like about this smartphone is the price. As mentioned above, its cost is prohibitive for anyone who does not need all the features of this particular device or who has a large disposable income.

In addition, the built-in SIM card cannot be easily removed or unlocked, so most users get stuck when they switch to Verizon or pay for the extra service of having their SIM card replaced by a specialist.

It should also be noted that some postal services, in particular mail servers, may not be supported by this facility or there may be significant delays in the delivery of messages. Battery life can be significantly reduced by using the GPS or fitness tracker settings. Several automatic functions require special attention to the clock settings, because the sensors are not protected against sabotage and can often activate the wrong mode or function at the wrong time.

Finally, this watch must be equipped with a loudspeaker, microphone and digital camera of good quality. Many other high quality Smart Clocks contain these functions when they don’t, which seems to be a significant disadvantage with a Smart Clock that would otherwise have blocked a complete set of the latest functions that could be called up. The control system is one of these obstacles. Although this makes many applications more accessible, applications that are not supported by Wear OS become almost impossible to download and run on this device.


  • Extremely solid construction, including a military aluminium housing and a gorilla welding hood.
  • Incoming and outgoing calls are supported by the built-in Verizon SIM card.
  • High-quality rubber strap and metal buckle to keep your watch in the correct position
  • Expandable memory allows you to store your data and playlists even if you don’t have access to the Internet.
  • 30 days autonomy with normal use on one fee


  • Battery life can be significantly reduced when multiple functions are used simultaneously, especially all functions requiring a wireless connection.
  • The cost of the device is almost six times higher than that of similar watches, so it’s only worth it for those who really need everything this particular watch has to offer.

What’s going on?

When you buy a T1 Tact, you will receive the watch itself, as well as a branded charging station and detailed instructions. Monitoring comes with 24/7 support for Verizon customers and access to their support and account management applications.

Technically, the watch is equipped with an integrated SIM card. Users should not consider this part of their purchase as this SIM card is lockable and difficult to remove from the Verizon watch or Verizon service.

This watch does not contain sound carriers such as earphones or headphones and cannot be attached to the user while the user is moving around. Since one of the main purposes of smart clocks is to support moving playlists during training, driving or other relatively skillful activities, the lack of audio support seems to be some kind of monitoring.

Moreover, many modern smartphones nowadays contain digital cameras, even if they are small. Many of them are much cheaper than this camera, and skipping the camera seems to be a small price difference. In addition, the kit does not contain a protective cover or screen cleaner, which is now included free of charge with many phones and smartphones.

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Functional overview

The functions of this watch start with connectivity; with as few manual interfaces as it has, the usefulness of a Smartwatch should be measured by the connectivity it supports. This watch can connect to other devices via Wi-Fi 4G or Bluetooth, making it compatible with most other devices on the market at relatively high speeds.

Although this clock is based on the Google Wear operating system, it is fully compatible with Android 6.3 + iOS 10.0 and above, so fans can expect something from any operating system. The mobile service comes with an integrated Verizon 4G LTE SIM card, giving users access to one of North America’s leading networks from a trusted branded vendor, with easy access to customer service and the account.

The internal processor has 1 GB of RAM and 4 ROMs, allowing it to perform relatively powerful tasks such as downloading music or browsing images. An expandable memory slot contains up to 16 GB of MicroSD memory, so you can store photos and files in your heart on your smartphone.

Installed applications are customized by the Google Wear operating system, which has the advantage that many applications on your smartphone are easy to use, but can slow down or completely disable incompatible applications.

Physically, this watch is extremely durable, with a sturdy rubber strap with a metal buckle that tears less easily under stress and a military aluminium case that can withstand anything but the most violent blows and shocks. The canvas is made of Corning’s gorilla glass and can withstand anything but selfless attempts to break it, and sometimes attempts that do.

This device includes a wide range of sensors designed to automate the functions and user experience, from fitness sensors, which are standard in many smart watches, to items such as magnetic sensors and speedometers that can be used to support the vehicle’s operating hours or driving time and the user’s own performance.

There’s also a GPS system that makes this watch compatible with applications that require navigation, such as Google Maps, Waze or even the Uber car sharing agency.

This watch has a battery life of 415 mAh and has been extended to 30 days of normal use. While this is impressive, users should keep in mind that this delay can be shortened if they try to run more than one application at a time, especially over Wi-Fi.

The watch has an IP68 rating, which allows it to be completely immersed in water while swimming, bathing or other water activities. However, this is not a diver’s watch and may not be taken underwater at a depth of more than 10 meters.

Review overview

This watch is the perfect companion for those who need it; with its wide range of high-precision sensors and exceptional performance in many more areas than most smart watches can touch. This will undoubtedly bring a level of comfort and convenience to those who lead an active life or are forced to travel almost constantly.

The addition of a built-in SIM card is a welcome change from other watches that the user has to take care of themselves, and it avoids most of the confusion and complications that can arise when trying to connect a single mobile phone account to multiple devices.

Support for advanced operating systems and high-speed Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity allow you to connect to multiple devices at the same time, including B. With your home office or car stereo, your phone, laptop and more can be connected to the same network.

The Smartwatch T1 Tact is exceptionally robust and has built-in Bose pre-programming for a wide range of sports activities, as well as a handy pair with your favourite fitness monitoring applications to create a detailed picture of your lifestyle. It has a good battery life and a two-way mobile, making it a handy item to take with you.

This vigilance must be avoided by anyone who does not have an absolute need or disposable income to justify it. Although their features can be very attractive, most are available in other watches at a lower cost.

Moreover, this watch has many drawbacks that seem to be somewhat exposed in the context of significant price increases by competitors. The absence of a camera and the rapid decline in battery power are two factors that disappoint a watch of such quality.

Frequently asked questions

They told me several times not to bring this watch if I don’t need it; how do I know which watch I need?

The best way to assess what you need is to ask yourself at what time of the day you realize you need it. If you think you need a smart watch every time you train, look for a watch with more specific fitness sensors and pre-programmed sports rules.

Maybe you want a smart watch when you get home or on a regular trip to make notes, alarms and contacts without unpacking your phone. In these cases you need to be behind a clock with a stronger connection and higher performance.

Is there something I shouldn’t count on with my smartphone? It appears that this scheme covers most of the bases

Most smartphones go to extremes to make sure they’re your answer to everything that can happen, but there are some things you need to take care of to access a device other than your smartphone. The simplest example is the emergency services, which only need to be contacted by mobile phone to guarantee a minimum waiting time and to ensure that you remain in contact throughout the call.

Similarly, any financial information or sensitive matters should be stored on a safer device, with less than a relatively small smart watch and the risk of loss or theft.

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