The Best Laptops for Machine Learning & Deep Learning

There is no computer in the world as powerful as the human brain. Machines still have a long way to go when it comes to logical thinking, abstract thinking, moral dilemmas, and so on. The machine closest to a person is Artificial Intelligence and its less independent training subgroups: In-depth learning and machine learning.

If you really want to teach computers to think like us, you need powerful machines. In the end, it will make your life easier and more profitable. Then why don’t you? Here is a list of the best machine learning laptops you can find today.


1. Apple MacBook Pro (publisher’s choice) Intel Core i5 (7th generation) 8 GO DDR4 Intel Iris Plus 640 Graphics
2. ASUS ROG Zephyrus S Intel Core i7-8750H 16 GB DDR4 GeForce RTX 2070
3. Acer struts E 15 Intel Core i5-8550U 8 GO DDR4 GeForce MX150
4. Microsoft Surface Pro 6 Intel Core i5 (8th generation) 8 GO DDR4 Intel HD Graphics 620
5. Dell Inspiron 15 5580 Laptop Computer Intel i5-8265u Core 8 GO DDR4 Intel UHD 620 Graphics
6th Notebook MSI GV62 8RD-200 Intel i5-8300H Core 8 GO DDR4 GeForce GTX1050Ti
7. HP Pavilion X360 2-in-1 Notebook Computer Intel Core i5-8250U 8 GO DDR4 Intel UHD 620 Graphics

Top 7 of machine learning workbooks

Another type of laptop is needed for machine training or further training. But where do we find them? Here’s the solution for you. We have a list of some high-end laptops for in-depth and machine learning experience. Now you can compare and buy the right laptops.

#1 Apple MacBook Pro (publisher’s choice)

the best laptops for data mining

Apple has always been a company whose products are widely used in business, video editing, music and entertainment, and of course programming. In other words: creation. MacBook computers are reliable, durable, and built primarily for that purpose. Apple’s MacBook Pro makes programming fast and easy, especially when it comes to computer-based learning.

Okay, first of all. The MacBook Pro features a dual-core Intel i5 2.3 GHz processor. You need as much juice as possible for machine training, so I recommend increasing it to 3.6 GHz. This can easily be achieved with Turbo Boost. The 3.6 GHz dual-core i5 is a useful feature, but it may not be enough for some really heavy multiprocessor computers. So use it wisely. It’s great that this 64 MB eDRAM (Enhanced Dynamic Random Access Memory) processor makes your processing speed even faster!

Besides the super fast operation, this PC has a nice screen! Because of the 13-inch screen, the case is not large at all and is very easy to transport. In addition, this retina display is equipped with backlighting and IPS technology, which guarantees excellent image quality. With a resolution of up to 2560×1600, the overall image quality is very satisfactory. I know it has nothing to do with programming, but it’s still a great feature.

Intel’s Iris Graphics 550 supports playback. This GPU is much, much better than the previous models. You could say his performance is twice as good. The performance depends on the rest of the configuration, so it will work fine here.

Again, the memory is very strong. Buying a 256GB SSD looks really good and increases the overall speed of this already fast PC. So it’s very convenient to have such a small and fast computer when you’re on the road. You can program at any time while driving. The other part of the memory is RAM. With 8 GB of RAM, you have almost enough memory for your needs. More desirable, less unacceptable.

The problem may be that this model does not have a normal USB port, but a new USB-C. So all your old USB sticks and external hard drives are useless here.

Specifications in brief:

  • Brand: Apple
  • Display: 13 inches
  • RAM: 8 GO DDR4
  • Storage : 158/256 SOLID STATE DRIVE
  • CPU: Intel Core i5 of 7. Generation
  • GPU : Intel Iris Plus 640 Graphics
  • Battery: Until 10 in the morning.

The advantages of

  • Computer designed for programming.
  • Incredibly fast, both in terms of processing and memory.
  • Very practical when traveling.
  • Excellent battery performance.


  • Not compatible with standard USB ports.

#2 ASUS ROG Zephyrus S Ultra Slim Gaming Notebook

ASUS ROG Notebook Zephyrus S

A monster laptop for you. Yeah, the Horn of Asus is mostly a gaming laptop. However, to bring newer games on the market, you need laptops of good quality. If the laptop has excellent specifications, it will certainly be good enough for programming. The ROG Zephyrus S is therefore also one of the best laptops for deep exploration, because it has everything to please!

Let’s start with the processing unit, shall we? This beauty has an i7-8750H hex processor! One of the best processors you can find today. Yeah, there’s octa nuclei right now, but there’s more than enough for this hexadecimal core. With 6 cores and 12 wires the processing speed will be incredibly high. It has a 9 MB SmartCache and a bus speed of 8 Gbps. The storage capacity includes a regular memory bandwidth of 64 GB and 42 GB/s. Fantastic processor!

Next comes the graph. The NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 is a state-of-the-art graphics processor. It has 8 GB GDDR6 V-RAM and a memory speed of 14 GB/s! The large number of 2304 cores makes the graphics processing ultra fast, and the bus width is 256 bits. About half of the cost of this laptop probably comes from the GPU. And that should come as no surprise, because this is a gaming laptop that can run any modern game at headquarters. So if you need a break to learn new things on your computer, you can enjoy HD photo quality.

The ROG Zephyrus S also has a great memory. With 16 Gigabyte DDR4 you can do almost anything. This is the optimal amount of RAM for high-quality programming. And the speed is 2666 MHz, so no problem. Multitasking will not be a problem either, as 16 GB can perform multiple tasks at the same time. Other memory – The SSD comes with 512GB of flash memory. Just like the DC superhero, the flash is ultra-fast! If you need more, you can always add another SSD or just a large hard drive, because one SSD is enough.

The case has 5 USB ports! If you want to use a different keyboard and mouse, charge your phone or use other devices while you’re working, there are connections for everything. Speaking of the keyboard: It’s beautiful and beautiful, and you have to feel comfortable to type.

So there is no need to add an external one. The only complaint will be about battery life. Gaming laptops tend to run out of battery pretty quickly, and that’s no surprise because their performance is fantastic.

Specifications in brief:

  • Brand: Asus
  • Display: 15.6 inch
  • RAM: 16 GB IDR4
  • Storage : 1 TB HDD + 512 SSD
  • CPU: Intel Core i7-8750H
  • GPU : GeForce RTX 2070
  • Battery: Up to 16 hours

The advantages of

  • Fantastic universal configuration.
  • Ultra thin and beautiful.
  • Normal programming during the trip.

#3 Acer Aspire E 15 E5-576G-5762 Laptop Computer

Acer struts E 15

Here’s another state-of-the-art laptop for computer-based learning, and that’s the Acer Aspire E 15. Acer has always been known as a company that makes quality products and sells them at a reasonable price. With this laptop you get the perfect setup to learn on the machine without too much effort.

This mid-range laptop offers great performance at a relatively low price. It would be ridiculous to compare this model to the previous two, but still, if you don’t have the money to waste it and you need a good laptop to program, then this model is the right choice.

The processor is the beautiful Intel i5 8250U. With four cores and eight wires, this processor has a high data processing speed, which is of course very important for a thorough learning process. The basic frequency of the CPU is 1.6 GHz, but reaches a maximum of 3.4 GHz in case of force majeure. That’s pretty good. It has a 6 MB SmartCache and a transfer rate of 4 GT/s OPI. For such a good processor, it doesn’t use a lot of power at all – just 15 W. This saves a lot of energy and allows you to program more when you get to work.

Perhaps the best quality of this notebook is its memory. With the Aspire E 15 you get 1 TB SSD! Yeah, you read good! It is a large capacity and much faster than conventional hard drives. Maybe not the fastest SSD today, but still very fast and huge! The other part is the RAM, and it has 8 GB. This is very good and is the minimum required for high quality and in-depth learning.

The package contains a special GPU, which is quite surprising for this price range (and considering the rest of the right configuration).  The graphics processor is an NVIDIA GeForce MX150, designed with a Pascal architecture. The speed of the kernel goes from the normal 1468 MHz to 1532 MHz. So that’s the exceptional speed of the GPU.

Of course the memory type is GDDR5, and its speed is 6008 MHz. The width of the memory bus is 64 bits, and the most important part is a 4 GB memory! With this GPU you can easily form a picture of the headquarters.

Specifications in brief:

  • Brand: The effort of Acer
  • Display: 15.6 inch
  • Storage : SOLID-STATE DRIVE 256 GB
  • CPU: Intel Core i7-8550U
  • GPU : NVIDIA GeForce MX150
  • Battery: Until 3:00.

The advantages of

  • One of the best deals, bang-bang!
  • An incredibly good overall configuration.
  • Very fast components.
  • Huge memory.


  • When used intensively, the battery quickly runs out of power.

#4 Microsoft Surface Pro 6

Overview of Microsoft Surface Pro 6

Here is a laptop with a good configuration, but with a nice design. Surface Pro 6 is a hybrid that works just as well as a tablet as a laptop. In fact, it’s more of a tablet than a laptop, as the main retail model is without a keyboard, i.e. just a screen/tablet. With just a few dollars you get a great wireless keyboard and mouse and of course a pen.

So it has a double function. The possibilities of the tablet are very similar to the usual use of a PC. Some of the normal tablet functions may be omitted on this model. In other words, it’s a tablet that looks more like a laptop than a tablet.

If you use it like a laptop, you get everything Microsoft has to offer on ordinary laptops. The Windows operating system is completely identical (with the addition of the tablet mode of course). You can use it for any purpose except for heavy games (the configuration is not so good for modern HD games). Including machine and depth training.

Surface Pro 6 is available in a different configuration, so you can choose any powerful configuration you want. But with great power comes great value. I will propose a configuration that is good enough for machine learning and affordable enough for most people. It should be noted that the price is mainly based on appearance, usability and innovation and not on the configuration.

My offer for the processor is the 8th generation i5 8250U. This is the same processor as my previous version (Acer Aspire E 15), but with 1.6 GHz. The reason is simple: you’ve already seen how fast and powerful this processor is and how much it lends itself to deepening. Moreover, the price in this configuration is quite affordable.

This processor is equipped with integrated graphics and Intel HD 620 integrated graphics. So I said that Surface Pro 6 is not designed for gaming, at least not in this configuration. But graphics aren’t that important for programming, so it’s very useful.

In this configuration, normally 8 GB DDR3 memory and 128 GB SSD are available. It has already been said twice that 8 GB RAM is sufficient for machine learning, although the DDR3 type is used here. The capacity of the SSD is not that important, but you can always use a MicroSD card reader and have extra memory on the side. If you think this RAM and SSD memory is not enough for your needs, you can collect a few bucks and add extra memory performance.

This table/laptop is ultra thin and very light – very practical for outdoor use. In addition, the tablet and pen function can make your work more interesting. The battery life is surprisingly long. It can easily take more than 10-14 hours, even twice as long!

Specifications in brief:

  • Brand: Microsoft interface
  • Display: 15.6 inch
  • RAM: 8 GO DDR4
  • Storage : 256 SOLID STATE DRIVES
  • CPU: Intel Core i5 (8th generation)
  • GPU : Intel HD Graphics 620
  • Battery: Until noon.

The advantages of

  • Very nice and practical.
  • Interesting tablet mode.
  • Good processing speed.
  • Excellent battery performance.


  • The best configuration for this price is available elsewhere.
  • Limited graphic quality.

#5 Dell Inspiron 15 5580 Portable

the best notebooks for in-depth research

Dell is a household name in high-quality, durable laptops. I also have a Dell Inspiron, which I’ve been using for years. Guess what. It always works very well! Not to mention the fact that my model is much older than the model on the list. So you can imagine the quality of the Inspiron 15.5580. Actually, don’t think so, because I’m gonna try to write it down. At an affordable price, you get the perfect configuration to meet your needs.

First of all, the Intel i5-8265U processor is the 8th generation of the Intel i5. Generate your programming again in a very pleasant way. The processor is half the value of this entire laptop. You get four cores and eight wires for fast processing. So the base frequency is 1.6 GHz, but with Turbo it increases to 3.9 GHz. With 6 MB SmartCache this speed increases even further. The memory bandwidth is 37.5 GB/s, which is more than you need. The letter U in the name means extra low consumption. This is an excellent feature that ensures longer life and less overheating.

The graphics card is integrated in the Intel UHD Graphics 620 graphics processor. The 620 is quite common for Intel processors, but here you get ultra-high resolution images. So you can enjoy 1080p quality at any time. Yes, built-in cards are not as good as special cards and cannot be replaced. Again, you don’t need any more for your needs. And what do you want more than 1080 pence for that price?

Besides, the memory’s pretty good. This laptop with 8GB DDR4 RAM and 256GB SSD is fully equipped for advanced learning. This hard drive is fast enough to store many of your projects.

There are several interesting additions that are also included. The keyboard is backlit; you have a fingerprint reader to turn it on, three USB ports, a card reader, HDMI, and so on. Moreover, the overall impression of this laptop is almost breathtaking. And I’m telling you, it’s Dell! It’ll do you good.

Specifications in brief:

  • Brand: Del Inspiron
  • Display: 15.6 inch
  • RAM: 8 GO DDR4
  • Storage :  256 SOLID STATE DRIVES
  • CPU: Intel Core i5-8265u (8th generation)
  • GPU : Intel UHD 620 Graphics
  • Battery: Unknown

The advantages of

  • Very fast processor.
  • Good memory for programming.
  • A variety of connectivity options.
  • Pretty affordable.

#6 MSI GV62 8RD-200 Game Laptop

The best computers for computer training

MSI is a company that loves to make gaming laptops, and they have made a great laptop with the GV62. As mentioned before, gaming laptops are always a good buy, no matter what they are used for, because their configurations are often incredibly good. That’s why it’s one of the best laptops for in-depth studies.

Usually the best component of a gaming PC is a graphics card, and most of the total price is spent on it. And if you don’t want to spend a lot of money, I don’t advise you to buy a laptop that’s just for picking up or programming, because you don’t need a powerful and expensive GPU. But if you want your laptop to be more than just a work tool, it’s a great idea to buy it. What for? Because he’s got everything.

The ideal processor comes with the Intel i5-8300H. It consists of 4 wires, 8 cords and has a base frequency of 2.3 GHz. Of course it will reach 4.0 GHz with the turbo frequency. You also get 8 MB SmartCache and the bus transfer speed is 8 GT/s. The storage capacity is up to 64 GB and the memory bandwidth is 41.8 GB/sec. Excellent processor for in-depth and machine learning processes.

Unlike the previous model, which has the letter U for extremely low power consumption, this model has the letter H, which stands for high-resolution images. So your PCU will consume a lot more power, but that can only mean one thing: more power in return. Besides the good integrated graphics of the UHD Graphics 630, this CPU is also compatible with gaming GPUs and works well. Of course, since this is a gaming notebook, it has a special GPU. And a very good GPU.

A few years ago, the GeForce GTX 1050Ti was still a high-end graphics processor. Because of the infinite and fast expansion of the game components this game board was of course quickly overtaken by new models. In any case, the GTX 1050Ti is still one of the big GPUs. The base clock frequency is 1290 MHz and can be increased to 1392 MHz, which is quite good. It has 786 CUDA cores for extra graphics processing speed. Memory type – GDDR5, size – 4 GB. Including three gates.

The most exciting thing in this notebook is the memory. On this laptop you will receive 8 GB RAM. If this is not enough, there is an empty slot that can be filled with an extra 8 GB. Eight is good, 16 is perfect.

И ! Hybrid type memory. There is a combination of a hard disk and a new Optane memory! The hard drive has a huge capacity of 1 TB and Intel Optane 16 GB. It may not be enough, but this memory is quickest today. If you program with Intel Optane memory, you can do so in no time.

Specifications in brief:

  • Brand: MSI
  • Display: 15.6 inch
  • RAM: 8 GO DDR4
  • CPU: Intel Core i5-8300H (8th generation)
  • GPU : GeForce GTX1050Ti
  • Battery: Up to 3-4 hours

The advantages of

  • It’s an excellent and complete notebook.
  • Very high processing speed.
  • High quality memory.
  • Get up in the air to make a deal.


  • It works much slower with a battery.

#7 HP Pavilion X360 Convertible Laptop 2-in-1

High quality notebooks

Last one, we’ve got an HP laptop. What does a convertible mean? This means that the screen can be rotated 360 degrees. It has a touch screen, which allows you to use this laptop as a tablet. So if you want a touch screen, use the pen at work and have fun on the road, but don’t want to pay much, the HP Pavilion X360 is the computer for you.

This low price includes some custom components. For example, the processor in the i5-8250U is the same as the processor in the Surface Pro 6 and Acer Aspire 15. So, four wires, eight wires, base frequency 1.6 GHz, change to 3.4 in turbo mode. It’s a little cute. With 6 MB SmartCache and a bus speed of 4 GT/s, you don’t have to worry about programming. And the low power consumption ensures that your battery lasts longer.

The default memory is now 8 GB RAM on this list. If you don’t check everything, you know it’s enough. For data storage you get a huge 1TB hard drive. They may not be as fast as SSDs, but this lack of speed is compensated for by the capacity. If you really want more speed, adding a thin SSD is no problem. More like a recommendation. It’ll only cost a few extra dollars.

The graphics card is integrated, so you get the Intel UHD 620 graphics. Not as good as the 630, but good enough for basic use. The HP Pavilion X360 Convertible Notebook is not designed for gaming or other graphic tasks, so you don’t need a better notebook. And you don’t need it.

It significantly reduces the price of this laptop, making it a win-win situation. Too bad about the convertible top. Here’s another HP Pavilion X360 2-in-1 laptop you might want to think about.

Specifications in brief:

  • Brand: HP pavilion
  • Display: 15.6 inch
  • RAM: 8 GO DDR4
  • Storage : SOLID-STATE DRIVE 128 GB
  • CPU: Intel Core i5-8250U (8th generation)
  • GPU : Intel UHD 620 Graphics
  • Battery: Up to 16 hours

The advantages of

  • Very powerful processor.
  • Lots of memory.
  • Brilliant and grateful on the way to work.
  • Very good ratio between equipment and price.

Purchase of a laptop for detailed research:

From my list of the best laptops for in-depth study, you may already know what to look for. It’s very simple – it takes a lot of speed, a lot of memory, a good battery and a laptop that’s clearly not fast enough.

Depending on your needs and the depth of your backrest, choose the price range of the laptop you want to use. Spending a lot of money usually means getting big, but not always. As you can see, some laptops are expensive simply because they are different from others. Or just a badge. So choose the best configuration you can afford.


This is certainly the most important thing to test before buying a laptop for an in-depth, automated learning process. The name speaks for itself – the aim is to process as much information as possible as quickly as possible. For machine learning or deep learning you need a good processor, because this kind of information processing is huge. The more details, the more processing power you need.

I recommend to buy Intel i5 and i7 processors. They are good enough for this kind of work and often cheaper. You can find i9 processors on the market, but their costs are sometimes ridiculously high. But if you have a lot of money to spend, go ahead. I’m sure you won’t regret buying them.

Of course, there are also excellent AMD processors. It is always advisable to find a good Ryzen processor if you want to save money. They’re cheaper than Intel, but no worse. In fact, the new Ryzen processors are often better than their Intel counterparts.

And, of course, McBook. As mentioned earlier, MacBook computers are designed to be built. Buying a Mac with a good processor is definitely a good deal. The problem here is the price, because MacBooks are quite expensive compared to some Microsoft computers with similar features. Anyway, anyway: If you have the money.

As for their quality – just take most of everything – CUDA kernel, kernel speed, memory bandwidth, etc…… Silence! Silence!


The other very important part is memory. RAM is crucial here because it not only determines the speed of your PC, but also the number of tasks you can perform at the same time. If you need to use all Internet programming or if you want to multitask, it is advisable to use as much RAM as possible. You need at least 8 GB, 16 GB is fine, and everything else is perfect.

Memory also plays a certain role in speed. A good SSD is now mandatory because these new programs and applications are very demanding. An SSD is much faster than a normal hard drive, and I always recommend having one. The problem with SSDs is that1) they have small capacities.
2) Good SSD memory is expensive.

The combination of these two elements is the best. You can often use miniature SSDs for your operating systems and programs, which are essential for a thorough investigation, while the hard drive is used as the main drive for everything else.

Last words

If you’re still reading this, it means you’re really passionate about deep and mechanical learning. Why don’t you? This is the future! Damn, it’s a gift!

By joining this world, we hope that the result will be satisfactory. You can be rich or famous, or both. If you really want to create something new, make our lives easier, make the world a better place, then do your best! And yet you need a nice car next to you,

Whether it’s for home use or peak hours, this list includes the best laptops for machine learning. Buying one of these devices will certainly make your job easier. Have fun programming!

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