The Easy Way to Send a Fax from Home

A fax machine is an excellent device for the secure transmission of documents. Some organisations work exclusively by fax and prefer to receive all their documents by the same fax. But what if you have to send a fax and you don’t have a fax machine nearby?

You want to know that sending a fax is not limited to these complex devices. And you can do it right from home with smartphones or laptops.

Best of all, you don’t have to worry about fax security because all documents are encrypted before they are exchanged using this technology.

In this article we discover a platform that allows you to send and receive faxes online. Moreover, it works on different platforms and does not interrupt the traditional way of exchanging faxes of documents.

So let’s talk and learn more about this great program designed to make your life easier.

CocoFax – Smart way to fax

Fax from home

CocoFax is a backup application that allows you to manage faxes directly from your smartphone. It gives you a free fax number with your online account on their platform. You can then send or receive faxes from your Gmail account. You can also select your contacts to easily send them multiple faxes.

The application works in multi-platform mode, allowing you to send a fax from your Gmail account to a live fax machine. Also, anyone can send faxes directly to your Gmail account by entering the fax number assigned by that platform. This is free Mac fax software that works with all major operating systems.

The application is easy to use and offers a reliable solution for your fax needs. You can open it with a web browser or install the application on your machine. Visit their website for a link to install the application for your machine’s operating system and start sending faxes today.

Is it safe to use CocoFax to send and receive office faxes?

CocoFax is one of the most secure platforms for document and contact management. You use encryption technology to send and receive faxes in your web browser. This ensures that no one can read your documents without the required keys. CocoFax online storage is fully encrypted and you can back up your data without worrying about data problems.

In addition, CocoFax works with trusted platforms such as Google to send and receive faxes directly to your Gmail account. You can also choose to download or receive documents from your Google Account.

So you can be sure that this application will replace your traditional fax system without any investment. You can consult the privacy policy to find out more about its operation and about your rights with regard to data.

Easy transmission and reception of faxes

Follow the steps below to send and receive faxes from your device.

Create an account on CocoFax

Fax from home

Go to the CocoFax website and create an account. Choose the free 30-day trial to send any document without a subscription fee. Certain information such as name, email address and password is requested. Enter your contact details and check your email address to proceed.

Download document

Fax from home

You can find the option Send faxes in the control panel of your account. Click the button and select one of the methods to upload the file to the platform. You can select files from Google’s hard drive or download them directly from your device. After downloading the document, check whether it is ready to be sent based on the file status.

Select receiver

Select one of the CocoFax contacts or enter the fax number on the Receiver tab. To send a file, enter your fax number and add it after the number to send the file directly to your account. Click on the Send button and you will soon receive a delivery report. It automatically creates a contact for the fax number you use via this platform.

Tips : You can also receive any fax by giving the sender your fax number. The application automatically saves your document even if you don’t use it while it is being sent by the sender.

Why do I need CocoFax on my computer (or smartphone)?

You will find a built-in option for sending and receiving faxes on your Windows device. However, a telephone connection to a fax machine must be established in order to receive it. This option may be useful at a time when you have access to the device, but it does not work the other way around.

So with CocoFax you can make sure that you never miss a fax, even if you are away from a fax machine. In addition, they offer many functions that considerably facilitate the management of documents on the Internet. The document is automatically saved if you cannot receive it on your account. You can also send a fax to one of your contacts without having to worry about the online status of the registration.

People prefer CocoFax because it enables them to send faxes from Gmail to a fax machine and vice versa. This is what most platforms cannot offer.

Last words

You can use this platform if you want to receive a fax directly to your smartphone. Just install the application and immediately check all your faxes. This is one of the easiest ways to send faxes from home. It also offers a free 30-day trial period so that you can easily work on this platform.

Once an account is created, a contact list is imported so you can send faxes faster. You can click on their name or add their fax number to send a fax from your Gmail account. There are many other fax services you can use online. However, it is very important to use trusted services to avoid damaging your documents. That’s why we started with one of the most reliable platforms for online document exchange.

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Fax from home

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