The Teams app is finally available on the Microsoft Store

Microsoft Teams is now available on the Microsoft Store, making it easier for users to access and use their team-related content. The app provides a place for teams to create discussions and share group chats with members of different groups.

The “is microsoft teams free” is a question that has been asked for a long time. The Microsoft Teams app finally became available on the Microsoft Store.

The Teams app is finally available on the Microsoft Store


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  • Want to get Teams through the Microsoft Store rather than the official website?
  • You now have this opportunity, since Microsoft has uploaded the product to the Store.
  • So, just launch the Store from your taskbar and download this really popular program.


This is for everyone who uses Microsoft Teams. We are aware that the Teams app is not difficult to get. However, the Redmond tech behemoth will make adoption much easier.

The Microsoft 365 Roadmap has already been updated with a new item indicating the forthcoming availability of Teams on the Microsoft Store.

The only option to acquire the popular chat and conferencing software until this procedure is completed is to download it through the official website.

Teams is available for download through the Microsoft Store.

Teams in the Microsoft Store will make installing the software easier and more easy for Windows 10 and 11 customers.

On Windows 10, the program will support work, school, and consumer accounts, but on Windows 11, only work or school accounts will be supported.

Based on the facts given, one may conclude that Microsoft has no plans to make Teams less complicated than it is now.

We mention this because the Teams app is now available in two versions from the tech giant. There are two versions: one that you may download from the official website and one that comes preinstalled with Windows 11.


For ordinary consumers, Redmond engineers claim that the latter offers an alternative to popular messaging platforms and phone and video chatting options.

It’s also worth noting that Windows 10 lacks built-in Teams functionality, implying that the next Microsoft Store version will let average users to utilize the software for their everyday household requirements.

Users of Windows 11 will have to rely on the built-in Chat program, which can be found on the taskbar.

Calendar statuses and the option to activate Together mode for all participants are also being worked on by the tech behemoth.

Have you already downloaded Microsoft Teams from the Microsoft Store? Please tell us about your experience in the comments area below.

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