The Windows Live ID or password you entered is not valid

If you’re having trouble logging into Windows Live, try to reset your password or check our article on how to troubleshoot.

The “games for windows live” is a Microsoft service that allows users to sign in and access their games. The service has been around since 2006, but it is not working properly on some Windows 10 PCs.

The Windows Live ID or password you entered is not valid


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21st of December, 2021

Originally published in January 2021.

  • When utilizing Games for Windows Marketplace, users have experienced login issues with Windows Live.
  • We’ve put up a complete tutorial on how to solve Windows Live id not functioning in this post.
  • Learn how to disable two-step verification, check your firewall and antivirus, and more in the sections below.
  • We provide step-by-step instructions as well as our top software options to assist you with this problem.



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Titles for Windows Marketplace was a popular gaming service that is still used by certain older games. When attempting to utilize Games for Windows Marketplace on Windows 10, customers reported getting the message Can’t sign in or The Windows Live ID or Password you provided is not valid.

Let’s look at how to resolve these issues, which may be annoying and prohibit you from playing some games.

How can I repair a Windows Live ID or password that isn’t working?

1. Make a new password for yourself.

  1. Log in to your Microsoft Live account.
  2. To access App passwords, go to Security Info, then select App passwords.
  3. Create a new password for this account by clicking Create a new app password.
  4. Log in to the Games for Windows Marketplace app using the new password.

Certain games need the Games for Windows Marketplace app to operate, however many customers have reported Can’t sign in or The Windows Live ID or password you supplied is not valid error messages, therefore it’s recommended that you generate a new app password to resolve this issue.

2. Disable two-factor authentication.


The Games for Windows Marketplace service employs two-step verification to provide optimal security. Because certain games don’t operate well with two-step verification, you’ll have to turn it off.

To turn off two-step verification, log in to your Live account, navigate to the Security Info area, and turn it off. Everything should be back to normal now that two-step verification has been disabled.

Users have claimed that turning on and off two-step verification, even if it isn’t switched on, cures the problem, so that’s something you should try.

3. Check to see whether your firewall is blocking Games for Windows Marketplace.

According to users, you may occasionally acquire I’m unable to log in. Because your antivirus or firewall is blocking Games for Windows Marketplace, the notice “The Windows Live ID or password you provided is not valid” appears.

To resolve this problem, check your antivirus and ensure that Games for Windows are not blacklisted. If your antivirus or firewall doesn’t prevent the program, the problem might be with the firewall itself. If that’s the case, turn off your antivirus and see if it fixes the issue.

If the issue persists, your final resort is to uninstall your antivirus entirely. After you’ve removed the antivirus, double-check to see whether the problem persists. If not, it may be time to switch to a new antivirus program.

Many antivirus programs include a function called Gaming Mode that prevents annoying messages from interrupting your game. Furthermore, some antiviruses with game-boosting functions can briefly suspend non-essential programs or processes in order to free up more resources for your game.

4. Download and install the Games for Windows Marketplace program again.

There are various methods for reinstalling a program, but using uninstaller software is the most efficient. Uninstaller software, in case you didn’t know, is a particular tool that can effortlessly delete any application, as well as any related files and registry entries. f

You may confirm that the chosen program is entirely deleted and that no residual files are interfering with your system by utilizing uninstaller software.

Leftover files may also cause an installer wizard to incorrectly identify that you already have the software installed on your PC, causing the installation to fail.

Install the Games for Windows Marketplace program again after removing it, and the issue should be corrected.

5. Install Microsoft Silverlight and Windows Live Games again.

  1. These apps should be uninstalled in the following order:
  2. Games for Windows Live and Games for Windows Marketplace are Microsoft products. Bing Bar is a bar in New York City. Windows Live Essentials is a program that allows you to use Windows Live Any installed.NET frameworks Microsoft Silverlight Windows Live ID Sign-in Assistant
  3. Start your computer again.
  4. Install these components in the following sequence when the machine restarts:
  5. Framework.NET Windows Live ID is a service provided by Microsoft. Assistant with Sign-In Silverlight Games for Windows Marketplace is a collection of Microsoft Silverlight games for Windows. Games for Windows Live by Microsoft
  6. After you sign in, your problem should be rectified.

6. Install Windows Live Games separately.

Expert Tip: Some PC problems, such as damaged repositories or missing Windows files, are difficult to resolve. If you’re having problems repairing a mistake, it’s possible that your system is partly broken. Restoro is a tool that will scan your computer and determine the source of the problem. To download and begin mending, go here.

Games that need Games for Windows Live are normally installed by default, although files might become damaged in rare situations, preventing you from signing in to Games For Windows Live.

It is recommended that you install Games for Windows Live separately from the game you want to play in order to resolve this issue.

7. Turn off the proxy server.

  1. Open the Settings app on your phone. Using the Windows Key + I shortcut, you may do this rapidly.
  2. Go to the Network & Internet section of the Settings app after it has opened. 1640100570_64_The-Windows-Live-ID-or-password-you-entered-is-not
  3. Select Proxy from the left-hand menu. Disable all options in the right pane. 1640100571_673_The-Windows-Live-ID-or-password-you-entered-is-not

Check whether the issue persists after deactivating your proxy. If you still want to preserve your online privacy, a VPN is a better option. There are several amazing VPNs on the market, and Cyberghost VPN is one of the finest, so you should give it a try.

8. Change the name of the Content directory.

  1. Enter percent localappdata percent by pressing Windows Key + R. Now hit Enter or OK to continue. 1640100571_482_The-Windows-Live-ID-or-password-you-entered-is-not
  2. Go to the MicrosoftXlive directory now.
  3. Locate and rename the Content directory to Content bak.

After that, try launching the game once again. If everything is in order, you should be able to begin playing right away.

9. Use the System Restore feature.

  1. Enter system restore by pressing Windows Key + S. From the list of options, choose Create a restore point. 1640100571_659_The-Windows-Live-ID-or-password-you-entered-is-not
  2. When the System Properties window displays, click the System Restore button. 1640100572_920_The-Windows-Live-ID-or-password-you-entered-is-not
  3. The window for System Restore should now appear. To continue, click Next. 1640100572_240_The-Windows-Live-ID-or-password-you-entered-is-not
  4. If the option to see additional restore points is available, choose it. Click Next after selecting the appropriate restoration point. 1640100573_466_The-Windows-Live-ID-or-password-you-entered-is-not
  5. To restore your computer, follow the on-screen directions.

Check whether the issue persists after the restoration procedure is completed. Keep in mind that this isn’t the most dependable option, but if you haven’t had any problems with Games for Windows Marketplace up until now, it could be useful.

Use Stellar Password Recovery as a tenth option.

Stellar Pass Recovery is the technology you require if you need powerful password reset software. You may use this fantastic tool to reset the passwords for the Windows Admin and User accounts.

For online browsers, FTP client programs, and network applications, you won’t have any trouble restoring usernames and passwords in Windows 10.

Use the Admin/User Password function to log in without having to enter your Windows password. This feature is only available in the boot disc version of the program.

Another advantage that you’ll like is that you may use this clever utility to recover lost license keys for Microsoft apps, WinZip, and other programs on your PC.

Stellar Password Recovery is a program that may help you recover your passwords.

I’m unable to log in. The Windows Live ID or password you supplied is invalid error message may cause a variety of issues with older games, but we hope that our remedies were helpful in resolving this issue.

With our Windows 10 Section, you’ll find all you need to know about Windows 10 tips and tricks. 

Visit our Software Hub to get the software you’ll need for a great PC experience.

We’d like to hear your thoughts on the subject, so please leave a comment in the box below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Windows Live ID same as Microsoft account?

A: No, a Microsoft account is an online product of Microsoft, while Windows Live ID and are controlled by different entities.

How do I reset my Windows Live ID?

A: For Windows 10, go to the Start menu and search for reset (without quotes) and type in your password.

How do I activate my Windows Live ID?

A: In order to activate your Windows Live ID, you will need the code that Microsoft provides. You can find this information in a text message they sent after activating your account. The company also has an online form available for users to create their own email address and password.

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