Multiple monitors can increase productivity, but if you don’t have enough space on your desk, they can also be a bit of a hassle. A good way to free up desktop space, especially on small desks, is to use your hand in front of the monitor.

However, if you have an ultra-wide screen, you may need to look more closely at the hand you choose. If you end up choosing the wrong one, you could damage your monitor by dropping it or constantly pushing into it with your hand.

In this article, we present the seven best cases of ultra-wide monitors to help you make a decision.

Manufacturer: AmazonBasics | Price: $139.48

Top 7 Monitor Arms for Ultrawide Monitors |

To complete this list, AmazonBasics offers its own premium monitor support. Although this monitor bracket looks simple, it is extendable and retractable and can be tilted to change the viewing angle from 70 degrees backward to 5 degrees forward. You can also switch between landscape and portrait viewing.

It is VESA compatible and is suitable for monitors weighing from 2.3 to 11.3 kg.

You can purchase the AmazonBasics monitor stand here.

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Manufacturer: Ergotron | Price: 199

Top 7 Monitor Arms for Ultrawide Monitors |

This polished aluminum desktop monitor arm offers excellent versatility with a 25″ extension length and 13″ stroke. Everything looks super cool.

You can mount a monitor up to 34 inches or 11.3 kg, and the arm folds down to fit on a shelf or in a cabinet when you want to take a break. The arm is VESA compatible and you have full freedom of movement on the hinges.

You can buy the Ergotron – LX Desk Mount here

Manufacturer: NB North Bayou | Price: $49.50

Top 7 Monitor Arms for Ultrawide Monitors |

It is a very neat monitor arm that comes in two different colors, black and silver, and can support monitors up to 35 inches or 12 pounds. The plate is VESA compatible, but if your monitor has recessed holes, you may need to use longer screws to make sure everything fits properly.

You get -85 to -35 degrees of tilt, 360 degrees of rotation for portrait and landscape, and 180 degrees of rotation. There is also a 13.5-inch vertical displacement.

You can purchase the NB North Bayou Monitor stand here.

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Manufacturer: AmazonBasics | Price: $32.68

Top 7 Monitor Arms for Ultrawide Monitors |

Second product on Amazon’s list, this one is much less profitable than the first. Even though it is not as pretty, it offers all the features you expect.

You can mount monitors up to 30 inches or up to 10 pounds and benefit from the ability to rotate, tilt and swivel between landscape and portrait.

You can purchase the AmazonBasics monitor stand here.

Manufacturer: Attachment: $39.99.

Top 7 Monitor Arms for Ultrawide Monitors |

If you’re looking for something on a budget, your search might end here. The arm has a wide range of motion, including +/- 45 degree tilt, 180 degree rotation around the base and 360 degree rotation. You can mount a monitor up to 32 inches or up to eight pounds.

The medium is VESA-compatible, which means it is suitable for almost all monitors on the market. The silver color is also refreshing to see, since almost all monitor brackets are black.

You can buy the Mountup single monitor support here

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Manufacturer: ErGear | Price: $31.99

Top 7 Monitor Arms for Ultrawide Monitors |

This frame is slightly cheaper than our previous list and offers great value for every bit of money you spend on the purchase.

You can load a monitor with a maximum height of 34 inches or a maximum weight of nine pounds. You also get a full range of motion, including tilt, swivel and rotation between landscape and portrait modes. The support can extend up to 24 inches from the mounting location.

You can buy the ErGear Single Monorail Table Stand here

Manufacturer: Huanuo | Price: $22.09

Top 7 Monitor Arms for Ultrawide Monitors |

If you are short on cash but still need to raise your hand to your monitor, this may be of interest to you. But don’t expect much from the $22 price tag.

There’s not much movement, but you get 180 degrees of rotation, 220 degrees of swivel, and -35 to = 50 degrees of tilt. You can mount monitors up to 27 inches or 6 pounds.

You can buy the Huanuo single monitor arm here

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