VPN won’t work with Vuze on Windows PCs

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Problem-solving expert Alexander Ognjanovic

  • A truly free Internet experience should include torrenting and P2P sharing, and Vuze is a popular program for that.
  • If you use a VPN with Vuze (and who doesn’t?), on rare occasions they may just not work together.
  • While you can use Vuze without a VPN, we don’t recommend it if you’re concerned about your privacy.
  • Our guide explains exactly what you need to do to restore VPN compatibility with Vuze.

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We all agree that torrenting and P2P are important elements of Internet freedom. It’s not about the method, it’s about the hacked data you get with this method, which can cause problems. And Vuze, along with uTorrent, is probably the most widely used torrent client.

Because of privacy concerns and the actions of ISPs that condemn your P2P sharing, sometimes it is necessary to take a VPN. And while Vuze works very well with VPNs and proxies, there are cases where they don’t work together.

Some users could not connect to their peers when the VPN was enabled and integrated with Vuze. Others experienced severe delays or Vuze did not start with the VPN (because it did not even start for downloads).

So some people suspect that there are problems with port redirection, but from what we have seen, these problems are not always as complex as one might think.

Therefore, we have suggested some possible solutions to the problem below. They should help you continue your torrent sessions with the VPN enabled.

How to solve VPN problems with Vuze?

1. Reset the Vuze configuration.

It is not for nothing that Vuze has 3 configuration modes. Advanced mode, the highest mode related to the level of professionalism of the user, brings with it many different settings that can affect the performance of Vuze if not configured correctly.

In addition, some updates or plug-ins may change the settings themselves.

Therefore, we recommend temporarily disabling the VPN and restoring the default configuration of Vuze. This can be done quite easily and here are the exact instructions:

  1. Disable the VPN.
  2. Open the Vuze desktop client.
  3. Select Extras > Options from the main menu. Error! Filename not specified.
  4. Select Mode from the left pane.
  5. Click Reset under Reset configuration to default values (reboot recommended). Error: The file name is not specified.
  6. Close the VUZ.
  7. Turn on the VPN and restart Vuze. Try to download the torrent of your choice.

2. Finding the right VPN.

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Rather than offering a workaround, we recommend that you make sure you are actually using a VPN solution that is up to the task. After all, in the crowded VPN market, there are still some differences between the best tools.

Some are faster, some offer better privacy features, but private Internet access is a well-designed VPN that can provide both speed and first-class security.

If you want to download torrents and boot files to your peers without being tracked or having limited bandwidth, P2P-optimized sharing with PIA is the best option.

Perfectly compatible with Vuze, this VPN not only supports torrenting but is also ideal for streaming and gaming because it is known to bypass geographical restrictions, ISP bottlenecks and server buffering with ultra-fast download speeds, unlimited bandwidth and an impressive network of over 3292 servers worldwide.

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Access to private internet

Unleash the potential of Vuze: download torrents and enjoy unlimited P2P sharing with PIA!

3. Manual VPN Configuration.

Another way to troubleshoot VPN and Vuze is to manually configure the VPN protocol. You can do this in Advanced Settings.

The usual approach is to configure this automatically, usually using VPN Helper plugins. Vuze VPN Helper for Private Internet Access is an example, and you can use this plugin to resolve PIA configuration errors.

However, many problems may arise and you will have to solve them in two ways.

Some users have reported that everything works fine, and suddenly there are problems, indicating that updates are the main cause of the error.

It could also be an upgrade of the router. So also check your router’s settings and make sure the firewall is not blocking encrypted connections, such as PPTP or L2TP.

If you don’t know how to manually configure a VPN, follow the instructions we provide below:

  1. Turn on the VPN and open Vuze.
  2. Select Extras from the main menu and open Preferences. Error! Filename not specified.
  3. Select the mode in the left field.
  4. Under “User Skills”, select the “Advanced” option. Error! Filename not specified.
  5. Now select Connection > Advanced Network Settings.
  6. In the Link to local IP address or interface field, enter one of the port prefixes associated with the VPN. In the following list, recognize them as WAN MINIPORTS with the encryption protocols in parentheses. Error! Filename not specified.
  7. Go to the link below and verify that the IP link application will prevent any connection if none of the specified interfaces are available. Error! Filename not specified.
  8. Save your changes and try using Vuze again. The router must be green for the client to work.

Change the protocol and server (P2P server).

As for VPNs, there are one or two other things you can try. We recommend changing the encryption protocol and trying to connect.

We’ll start with PPTP, which is the fastest (and least secure), and then go down the list. OpenVPN, which relies on fast bandwidth and the latest 256-bit encryption, is reserved for the listening point.

Moreover, it is important to note that not all available servers support P2P sharing. So switching from one server to another may be the solution to your problem.

In addition, we recommend you contact your VPN provider to find out which server or location supports the torrent.

That should work. If you have any questions or suggestions, please let us know in the “Comments” section below.

FAQ: Learn more about Vuze and PIA VPN.

  • How can I set up personal Internet access with Vuze?

Start the VPN and open Vuze. Then go to Tools -> Options -> Mode -> Advanced -> Connection > Advanced Network Settings. In the Link to local IP address or interface field, enter eth4 (this is a TAP-PIA adapter) and click Save.

  • Is private internet access good for the torrent?

PIA is actually ideal for torrenting, since all of its servers are compatible with P2P sharing. It also has unlimited bandwidth, ultra-fast speeds that make it easy to download torrents, and a “non-logging” policy that makes your activity untraceable and completely anonymous.

  • How can I fix the Vuze download?

If you cannot download files through Vuze, first disable the VPN and then reset your torrent client through Tools -> Options -> Mode -> Reset Defaults. Finally, shut down Vuze, start your VPN connection and restart Vuze.

Editor’s note: This article was originally published in April 2018 and was revised and updated in February 2021 to ensure timeliness, accuracy and completeness.

Frequently asked questions

How do I connect a VPN to Vuze?

Make downloading torrents from Vuze only via VPN – HMA support

What happened to Wuze?

BitTorrent itself was still a relatively new technology at the time, and users were waiting for new means of transferring their files. The Azureus client, later renamed Vuze, offered just that. … “We are no longer involved with Vuze or Azureus Software, Inc.

What did Wuze replace?

BiglyBT is an extension of the open-source Vuze/Azureus project, started in 2003 and actively developed by the original coders. We have kept all the features you like, but left out the ones you probably don’t need (such as ads and third-party software).

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