What Is A Proxy Server, How Does Proxy Work and More

The problem of data leaks and cyber attacks is exacerbated by the large number of transactions and updates carried out online 24 hours a day. But do you know what the job is like when you’re surfing the internet? It is possible to use a virtual private network with a proxy server in your organisation or school.

In addition, you can be a more technical person using proxies on an individual level. The proxy server acts as an intermediary between the two parties and forms a protective barrier against cyber attacks and data breaches and offers the user anonymity when working online.

What is a proxy server, how does a proxy server work and much more?

What is a proxy server?

A proxy server is an intermediary resource between the Internet and the user, sharing the user’s original identity when surfing the web. The proxy server offers you functionality, data protection and security. The proxy server works with the streaming system, i.e. the internet traffic is sent via the proxy server to the requested address. The request therefore comes from the proxy server and is sent back to you by the requested site.

But why do you need a proxy server? The main reason is to protect data on the network against cyber attacks and data piracy. Modern proxy servers have extra functionality instead of forwarding web requests and improved network performance. Proxy servers act as web filters and firewalls between shared networks, ensuring security and accelerating shared requests. A good proxy gives you better protection against bad things online.

How does a power of attorney work?

Each computer requires a unique Internet Protocol (IP) address, similar to a unique identifier. Just as a post office knows the right address to deliver mail, the Internet defines its specific destination to send the right information. The whole process is controlled by IP addresses.

In general, a proxy server is a computer with Internet access that has its own IP address, which is already known to your computer. So, when you send a web request that first goes to a web server, that server collects the correct information based on your request and sends the response back to the web page you see in your web browser.

Each time a proxy server sends a web request, it can modify the data accordingly, but you will receive the information you need. It can also change your Internet protocol address so that a web server cannot locate you, encrypt your data in an unreadable format and restrict access to certain websites.

Why would you use a proxy server?

There are several reasons for users to use a proxy server on an organizational and personal level:

1. Internet management

Organizations and parents need proxy servers to monitor the use of the Internet by their employees or children. Most companies restrict access to certain websites during office hours and keep track of all your web requests to see how much time you have surfed on a particular site.

2. Bandwidth and speed boost

Proxy servers provide better network performance and store all copies of popular websites locally, which can be sent to you upon request. This improves the speed and bandwidth of the proxy server.

3. Data protection benefits

Many organizations and individuals use web proxies for anonymous internet use. You can change the IP address and other original information or share it with others. As a result, the target server cannot recognize the user’s original information.

4. Safety improvement

Proxy servers are a good option for security reasons because they allow you to encrypt your web requests and the malicious websites accessible on them. Many organizations use VPNs with proxy servers to ensure online security and privacy, such as controlling and auditing access to employee resources and secure connections for better online protection.

5. Access to restricted resources

Proxy servers provide anonymous access to restricted websites imposed by organizations and the government. Proxy servers allow uncensored users to control restricted access to online sites.

Proxy risk

Proxy servers can involve risks. We have therefore compiled a list of common risks that you should be aware of when choosing a web proxy:

1. Risks related to free proxies

Free agents are quite risky because they have invested a lot in encryption or backend equipment. In addition, the free power of attorney includes topics ranging from performance, security and data protection to personal data theft.

2. Browser history

Normally, a proxy server contains personal information about the user, including original IP addresses and web requests, which is stored locally. You should exercise caution when using such agents, as they may store your data and use it against you. They should be concerned about the policies they pursue, including cooperation and implementation policies.

3. Without encryption in the proxy server

You should not use an unencrypted proxy as this simply means that the web requests sent are plain text, unencrypted or anonymous. You must use a secure proxy server with full encryption.

Types of substitutes

Each proxy server works under different conditions. You must therefore choose the properties you wish to obtain from the proxy server and ensure that it meets your expectations. These are the types of proxy servers:

1. Transparent power of attorney

The transparent proxy is easy to set up, both on the client side and on the server side. It informs the website on the proxy server and transmits the IP address and recognizes you on the web server. Transparent powers of attorney are often used by companies, schools and various organisations to filter content and for other purposes.

2. Anonymous proxies

The anonymous attorney does not go to the Internet Protocol address of the website.  It also recognizes itself as a proxy server. In addition, anonymous proxies limit location-based marketing advertising. For example, if CNN.com knows your location, it will probably contact you with that information. Therefore, these targeted advertising methods may prevent the launch of such sites, but this is not guaranteed.

3. Deforming authority

The disruptive proxy identifies itself as a proxy and allows the transfer of an incorrect Internet protocol address. This proxy makes it possible to work anonymously, but users can find themselves in restricted content by passing a fake IP address from a different location than the original.

4. Power of attorney for high anonymity

The high anonymity of proxy servers makes it difficult to identify traffic from its face. This proxy server periodically changes the IP address and protects it as well as possible, for example in a TOR network.


In some countries, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) can monitor the bandwidth and security of Internet traffic on your network. In addition, the Provider may inform users which sites they may or may not visit. There is a lot of uncertainty on the Internet, so web proxy will help overcome some of the limitations of the ISP.

We hope this article will help you get the right information about how proxy servers work, including how they work and the different types of features!

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