What is Eka ‘s cloud platform?Know about this Digital Wonder

If you are an entrepreneur or business owner who deals with digital products, you must know about Eka cloud. It is a powerful solution for all your digital needs. In fact, it is one of the best solutions for those who want to improve their business process. This applies in particular to the distribution and supply of spare parts. You can also consider it for risk management and financial management.

How can you use Eka? Is it reliable.

It contains an in-depth analysis and provides a clearer and better understanding. With this, you can easily get a better overview to make the right business decisions.

It also helps you make decisions quickly because it is made with special technology. This technology is deeply rooted and provides useful analysis. The Eka-Cloud is rapidly making use of artificial intelligence and ML.

The cloud found with Eka technology makes it even more convenient for international customers. This means that you can store your data through Eka’s safe and secure cloud servers. This guarantees that your data is 100% safe.

It is virtually impossible to break through the security. Moreover, full protection means that you don’t have to worry about the protective part.

In this article, we take a closer look at the Eki cloud so that you can get a better idea of Eki cloud storage.

It is a robust cloud platform built on Amazon Web Services. The latter is known for its faster deployment, with over 50 applications on many enterprise platforms. Eka’s software solutions are among the world’s leading providers of enterprise resource planning solutions. So it finally launched its scalable cloud platform. You can think of it as a native platform that uses machine learning on the blockchain. This is done by using advanced analytics to automate business and commercial processes.

Business support

The cloud platform is suitable for virtually any type of business, including: –

  • Agriculture
  • Mining
  • Metal
  • Energy
  • other production markets.

The commodity sector is the most dynamic sector where commodity prices change in a very short period of time. Changes can occur daily, but usually hourly. This makes competition fiercer and therefore reduces the profit margin of operators.

So it is not wrong to say that it saves business owners time, energy and profit. In the past they had to rely on the old manual systems. However, it is time consuming and expensive to maintain because there are many physical factors involved.

Benefits of the Eka Cloud Platform

To stay at the top, it is essential to meet the new challenges of technological progress. Therefore, secure cloud platforms and associated systems play an important role in addressing these challenges involving complex systems, data and people.

  1. These systems add value to data and help companies track their activities. They do this by reducing pressure and stress, minimising supply chain disruption and enabling better decision making.
  2. As mentioned earlier, the Eka platform serves more than 50 professional brand applications. These applications have simplified complex operations without manual intervention and have automated almost the entire process. In fact, this cloud-based platform is designed for virtually every type of goods chain, from risk management to retail. You can use these applications independently or with other multiple connected systems to provide scalability, flexibility and comparison.
  3. The best thing about the Eka Cloud platform is its open nature. This means customers can create new applications with minimal coding and technical expertise.
  4. Manav Garg (CEO and founder of Eka) said that it is a revolutionary enterprise resource planning platform that offers more flexibility, speed and automatically adapts to the ever-changing business environment. He also said that clients using the platform can expect better and immediate returns on their investments thanks to transparent solutions.

Concluding remarks

It is a simple solution to facilitate the digitalization of the entire commodity industry. It can be used to connect stakeholders along the value chain. It also provides support for advanced analysis.

Many satisfied customers have become regular users of the Eka platform. They are fully convinced of this cloud computing platform.

Another benefit of this cloud-based platform is that it provides greater insight into data. However, it is a standalone platform built on a solid foundation of linked data and APIs. Companies can view data in one place in minutes and quickly make the best decision.

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