What is Office 365 – Uses, Advantages & Disadvantages

What is Office 365? Office 365 is a subscription service developed and offered by Microsoft. This service is very useful for your computer needs, especially if you use your computer for business purposes.

However, this does not mean that you cannot use it for other activities.

This cloud-based subscription model was launched on the 28th. June 2011 as a popular productivity suite. It is now better known as Microsoft 365 and includes some of the most useful and popular applications:

  • Become
  • Excel
  • OneDrive for Business

In addition, depending on the type of subscription you choose, you can also use other Microsoft features and applications, such as B. Advanced security measures and cloud storage.

Microsoft 365 was officially launched in 2017 and was originally intended to be a supernetwork of different things :

  • Office 365
  • Windows 10 Enterprise Licenses
  • Other cloud-based security features and
  • Device management products.

Over the years, in 2020, this subscription service was renamed Microsoft 365. Discover the best laptops with Microsoft Office.

It targeted small businesses and consumers and emphasized a broader selection and inclusion of features far beyond the basic Microsoft Office software.

Key applications and services include various cloud-based productivity tools such as B. :

    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Outlook
    • OneDrive
    • OneNote
    • Publisher
    • Planner
    • access to
    • Exchange
    • SharePoint
    • Skype and



Microsoft 365 also offers a number of additional features in addition to the ones you get in Office 365. Includes:

  • Microsoft Editor is a feature that allows you to correct your grammar and writing style. This function is supported by artificial intelligence and can function effectively in over twenty languages. You can even use this feature in Microsoft Word and Outlook, installing the Microsoft Editor extension for Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.
  • Another handy feature is Bank Transactions, which allows you to connect to your bank and credit accounts directly from Excel. You will be able to download all of your transaction data and import it directly into your budget or other financial spreadsheet.
  • Microsoft Teams is a new feature from Microsoft that can be used to protect users’ privacy. You can create a team or a group of family members and friends for specific activities, such as B. organizing a meeting, planning a trip or just to stay in touch with each other. Does Slack look familiar to you?
  • Microsoft Family Safety – This feature added by Microsoft allows you to share your location with friends and family. You can track your position in real time, and you can even set up notifications that are triggered when you reach the specified location.

Microsoft 365 also offers other additional features, such as. B. Parental controls to limit access to the system, and various special applications for children, as well as monitoring screen time to see how much time they spend on the computer.

It is also very safe to use this package because it is accompanied by advanced security measures such as B :

  • Mobile device management that allows the IT team to monitor employee devices.
  • a threat intelligence system that ensures comprehensive threat awareness and helps identify a proactive approach for rapid response; and
  • Encrypted email that prevents anyone other than the recipient from reading it.

Of course, these are not the only safety devices. There are also advanced features such as protection for Exchange Online, advanced threat analysis, and others that you can take advantage of, depending on your plan and package.

What is Office 365?

Office 365, offered by Microsoft, is a productive package that includes many applications, services and software packages.

However, beta testing began in October 2010. This software package is primarily intended for business users and is considered the successor of BPOS or Microsoft Business Productivity Online Suite.

Several new plans have been added so it can be used by different types of businesses and consumers in general.

It also included certain features specifically designed for Microsoft’s consumer services, such as OneDrive.

Office 365 includes a number of different products and services, all of which can be configured and managed through the online portal. You can do this in three different ways, for example B. :

  • Add them manually
  • Import them from a CSV file, or
  • Configure it to connect once through the Active Directory onsite using the Active Directory Federation services.

However, if you want to perform a more complex configuration and add functionality, you must use PowerShell scripts.

When you use Office 365, you can request different types of packages and versions:

  • For personal use
  • For multiple person households
  • For businesses
  • For students
  • For non-profit organizations and
  • For educational institutions.

You can also choose a mobile or online version of Office called Office Online. This gives you free access to some versions of this application with limited functionality.

It differs in many ways from previous versions of the Board.

On the one hand, this is a subscription service, which means that you cannot pay for this installation upfront and only once.

Instead, you must pay a monthly subscription fee to access and use, depending on your subscription level.

Another key difference of the Office 365 suite is that you can always use the latest version, as the platform is regularly updated by Microsoft.

This means that you do not need to purchase a copy of the new edition to use the new features, as is the case with persistent and local sources.

Office 365 is a cloud-first application, although you can get desktop versions with some special plans.

This means that you can use it online by accessing the Microsoft server that houses all the applications, services and data.

It also means you don’t have to install any software to access it, and don’t have to maintain any hardware to make it work.

So you can use it anywhere, anytime, on any device with an internet connection, thanks to email hosting and cloud storage.

Some of the features included in this suite are accompanied by various other services to help you with your IT operations.

For example, the Outlook on the Web brand has the following elements:

  • Postal Service
  • Task Manager
  • Implementation of the timetable and
  • Responsible for contacts.

The services offered are called Outlook Mail, Outlook People, Outlook Calendar and Outlook Tasks.

Microsoft has also added a new email feature called Clutter to Office 365.

This allows you to match your preferences to the importance and relevance of the emails.

This allows you to analyze them based on behavior patterns and the topics covered in the emails.

This means that if you continue to ignore certain messages, Clutter will move them to a specific folder, but that folder will have the same name in Outlook.

You can activate or deactivate this feature by signing in to the Office 365 portal.

As for the hosting services offered by Office 365 for business plans, you have access to cloud versions of server platforms as a software-based service. Includes:

  • Exchange
  • Skype for Business
  • SharePoint
  • Search by address .
  • Yammer
  • The Microsoft and
  • A suite of browser-based Web Office applications.

With the Office 365 packages for home users, you benefit from high-quality online services, such as B. Premium extensions with benefits such as 1 TB of OneDrive storage and phone calls via Skype, Microsoft’s VoIP service, for one hour per month.

Depending on the type of plan you choose, there are several Office 365 plans that give you access to several current versions of desktop applications, as well as Windows and Mac operating systems, for the duration of your subscription.

When your subscription expires, you will only see the read-only versions, as the editing feature will be automatically disabled.

However, applications such as Publisher, Access and InfoPath are only available on Windows operating systems, not Mac.

You don’t have to worry about updates because this package follows the streaming model. This means that updates are available automatically, once a quarter, via a streaming system.

Office 365 Education is another free suite designed primarily for educational institutions.

Many collaboration services and communication tools are included, as well as various web and storage features. This package includes applications such as. B. :

  • Office living space
  • Microsoft Shared View Beta
  • Microsoft Outlook Live
  • Windows Live SkyDrive
  • Windows Living spaces
  • Windows Live Messenger and
  • Windows Live notifications.

To use this package, you need to sign in with a Microsoft Live ID, and institutions can register for the program for free.

The use of Office 365 is very secure. Microsoft has emphasized security aspects as it targets both large and small businesses. It meets various safety standards, for example B :

  • ISO/IEC 27001
  • The European Union Data Protection Directive and
  • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.

In addition, you can access a wealth of information on the new Microsoft Trust Center portal to learn more about the service’s security rules and privacy policies.

It was 2011. In addition, Microsoft announced in May 2012 that Office 365 is compliant with the Federal Act on Information Security Management.

This compliance makes it safe for use by various US government agencies.

Still, it’s good to know a few facts about the security aspect of Branch 365.

  • Despite European data protection standards and Safe Harbor agreements, data stored on European servers may be shared with U.S. authorities under the Patriot Act.
  • In Finland, FICORA issued guidelines on the use of and protection against phishing attempts after receiving reports of hacking and data breaches and the loss of millions of euros.
  • The German state of Hesse banned the use of the kit in educational institutions in July 2019, due to concerns over security and privacy risks.

Even the U.S. Department of Commerce suffered an Office 365 breach this year when hackers gained access to employees’ email.

There are several plans you can choose for Office 365, now Microsoft 365. However, each plan has a set of specific features based on different price points. Includes:

  • Microsoft 365 Personal – provides access to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher, and Access for personal, non-commercial use on a single computer, tablet, or phone, plus 60 minutes of international Skype calls per month and 1 TB of additional storage on OneDrive.
  • Microsoft 365 family – this plan is designed to be used by families and large consumers. It is similar to the Personal Plan, but can be used by up to six users on six different devices.
  • Microsoft 365 Business Basic – This plan provides access to hosted email, SharePoint and Microsoft Teams, as well as mobile applications and other online versions of Office Online Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and OneNote.
  • Microsoft 365 Apps for Business – enables you to use applications across all Windows, Mac and mobile platforms. It can be used by one user, but on up to five computers, tablets and smartphones.
  • Microsoft 365 Business Standard – This plan has the same features as the Business applications and provides access on any platform and on any computer and smartphone, but you can also use other services such as Hosted Exchange, SharePoint, Microsoft Bookings, MileIQ and Teams.
  • Microsoft 365 Apps for Enterprise – provides access to applications such as Office Professional Plus and can be used by one user on up to five devices.
  • Office 365 Enterprise – Designed for the enterprise environment, provides access to all Office applications and hosting services. It also has special features for business, compliance and support.
  • Office 365 managed by 21Vianet – It is developed and offered to customers in China because it is not Microsoft that manages the package in China, but 21Vianet. Microsoft has licensed it to provide services, but it differs from other features offered elsewhere.

With all these features and plans, Office 365 is very similar to Microsoft 365, which is basically the same thing.

However, it seems that Microsoft is paying more attention to Microsoft 365 to make it a larger subscription service that offers not only Office applications to work with, but also various tools that users can use in their personal lives.

However, don’t assume that Office 365 is exactly the same as Microsoft 365, which was launched in mid-2017.

Despite the similarity of the brands, Microsoft 365 is very different from Microsoft Dynamics 365 or Microsoft Office 365.

  • Office 365 consists of productivity applications and is essentially a cloud-based software package, but Microsoft 365 comes with a service package that includes other business tools in addition to Office 365.
  • You can subscribe to Office 365 with or without Microsoft 365, but in order to access Microsoft 365, you basically need to have access to Office 365 as well.
  • Microsoft 365 is specifically designed so that businesses can use the various basic tools they need to run a basic IT infrastructure and get their work done while securing their business.

In addition to Office 365, Microsoft 365 includes several other applications, such as Windows 10 Enterprise and EMS or Enterprise Mobility and Security, which provide easy access to the service, including but not limited to :

  • Email :
  • Calendar
  • Data Protection Controls
  • File Backup
  • Protection against cyber threats
  • operational and administrative control; and
  • Ensures uninterrupted operation.

All these services are available separately. However, the Microsoft 365 package is proving to be more economical and convenient, especially for those who are not business customers of Microsoft.

What is Microsoft 365 used for?

Microsoft 365 provides you with numerous productivity tools that you can use. With these tools, you can increase your productivity and secure your business and system.

It is widely used in businesses, large and small, simply because it helps them in many activities other than editing spreadsheets or word processing. Using Microsoft 365 and its productivity tools helps businesses :

  • Data management
  • Creating Documents
  • Reporting information and more.

It increases their efficiency in managing and operating the business by utilizing a variety of custom plan options available depending on the size, circumstances and needs of the business.

The Outlook service will essentially give business platforms a more powerful and professional appearance.

It will be much easier for them to gain brand recognition, allowing them to market their products and services much more effectively and quickly.

Outlook’s calendar feature will help them manage their time as strategically as possible and work together much better.

It can be used more effectively to facilitate collaboration, because with Office 365, all applications and services are connected to the Internet as a whole and to each other.

This allows employees to save a lot of time and work more and better together, especially through the use of different tools:

  • Team Chat
  • Group emails
  • Online Meetings
  • File sharing and
  • Co-author.

Because Office 365 includes mobile applications and cloud storage, they can work anywhere, anytime and access content, tasks, conversations and schedules from any device via a secure connection.

It can also be used as a multi-level security measure:

  • Data protection
  • the protection of privacy
  • Proactive control of data and
  • Service Level Agreement.

In addition, Microsoft 365 has recently added some important applications that make it even more useful. This:

  • Microsoft Connections – This is a simple email marketing tool that can be used as a more effective customer engagement platform.
  • Microsoft Listings – This tool helps in managing company information on various social media and search engines like Facebook, Bing, Google and Yelp.
  • Microsoft Invoicing – this application allows you to create and send business invoices to customers and accept payments on the go.
  • Outlook Customer Manager is a very useful, intelligent but simple add-on module that can be used for customer management by companies that do not currently require a full CRM system.
  • Microsoft Bookings – This application allows you to manage customer schedules and appointments more efficiently.
  • MileIQ is a mileage tracking platform that allows you to automatically classify and file your business trips.
  • The Business Center is a single point of access for all applications to track key parameters such as unpaid invoices, reservations, email subscriptions, etc.

Find out how you can make a positive impact on the bottom line with this suite of cloud-based productivity tools.


1. Profitable

It is cost effective because it does not require investment in equipment and is more flexible to respond to indirect changes.

Most importantly, you don’t need an internal IT team to manage the package because everything is managed by Microsoft, reducing the cost of an internal IT team.

2. Cooperation and communication

This makes it easier to communicate and collaborate with teams, increasing your productivity.

Moreover, by working together, you will save a lot of time, which will increase your efficiency and your chances of success.

3. Integration

This allows you to learn about and integrate Microsoft Office and all other Microsoft programs and applications.

It also increases your productivity. You can even create a test account in a few minutes to see how it fits in the cloud.

3. Permanent and easy accessibility

Again: When you work in the cloud, you can access, use, and collaborate on your data anywhere, anytime, using any Internet-connected device.

Thanks to this Internet access, you can consult your e-mails, documents, calendars, contacts and much more and stay in touch with your employees at all times, even in the event of fire or flood!

4. Flexibility

Because Office 365 has multiple options, you can buy only the solutions you need.

This gives you more flexibility when you need to convert CAPEX to OPEX.

5. SSO

With single sign-on, you don’t have to log in multiple times because you can store your password in the device.

6. Support and updates

You get adequate phone support from an IT administrator, as well as a 99.9% uptime guarantee and regular updates with financial support.

So you always have solid security, guaranteed disaster recovery, appropriate data protection controls and higher standards.

7. Security

Office 365 has a strong fail-safe design and continuously meets various security standards.

These security features protect your data from loss or attack. You can find out exactly where your data is and who has access to it.

In case of emergency, loss or theft, you can also remotely erase all data from your mobile device.

8. Licences

There are no licensing issues associated with Office 365. It contains everything you need for enterprise-wide implementation.

This means that all employees have access to the same version and continue to receive regular updates.

9. Organised

You’ll be more organized when you use Office 365 because contacts, emails, and calendars are synchronized.

When you need to update a contact on your mobile phone, it is automatically done on all devices at once.

You can also save the file to your computer and view it from any device, such as a computer. The user can access it via, for example, a smartphone or a tablet, to continue working on it.

10. Software and information programmes

If programs are suddenly changed, performance is reduced. It will also require a lot of training time and additional costs.

With familiar programs like Word and Excel, Office 365 will never let you down as they are not confusing and do not require extensive and in-depth knowledge to operate.

11. Scalability

As your business grows, Office 365 will also grow to meet your IT needs and never let you down.

These tools ensure the continuity of your activities because they are based on the robust and secure infrastructure of the Microsoft Azure platform.


12. Internet connection required

Without an internet connection, this cloud-based system won’t allow you to access your files and work from anywhere, increasing downtime.

13. Compatibility issues

This package is not compatible with older systems, so you will need to invest in new computers to use it, which can significantly increase your costs.

It’ll take a long time, too. In addition, if you have customers and external companies that don’t have the same software or use cloud-based systems, you’re going to have a lot of problems.

14. Problems with data storage

All your data is stored in a secure cloud. However, there are a few areas of activity, such as. B. banking and finance, for which it is not a safe alternative.

In addition, there may be certain regulatory issues and restrictions, such as. For example, in the health sector, where data must be stored in real time.

Microsoft offers options for them, but they cost more and may not even meet compliance requirements and standards.

15. Restrictions

When it comes to eDiscovery and email archiving tools, Office 365 has significant limitations.

It can also be difficult to manage and requires an external service provider for email archiving.

16. Electronic quotas

There are also limits to the number of emails you can send or receive in a day.

This number may vary depending on the subscription level. This differs in many ways from the usual Exchange servers.

17. Limited capacity for online applications

There may be some issues when using online applications, as Office 365 has certain limitations as to what these applications can do and how they can be used.

It is not possible to open password-protected documents, run macros or configure data validation in browser applications.

18. Error

Even cloud storage is not secure, despite advanced technologies such as data loss prevention and advanced threat protection.

The presence of bugs in the products of this package is still a high probability, which can lead to errors and vulnerabilities in your files stored in the cloud.

19. Expansion problems

This can be a real headache because automatic updating is enabled by default. On the one hand, it might be good to not have to remember the renewal date every month, but the problem is that you don’t want to renew the Office 365 package.

If you want to cancel the renewal, the renewal date may have long passed and you will find that you have already paid for a new period.

Therefore, you should check the Office 365 administration center beforehand to make sure the upgrade options meet your needs.

30. Data protection and control

That’s not your decision. Instead, rely on Microsoft for all your sensitive data and information with Office 365.

Microsoft’s data center has many security and business rules that can affect your daily operations and control.


Office 365 helps businesses work smoothly and grow securely with increased productivity and better communication.

This allows better plans to be developed, more relevant information to be found and knowledge to be shared in more innovative ways to move the business forward.

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