Who is the fastest Free Fire player in the world?

Free Fire is a multiplayer first-person perspective shooter that pits players against one another in an all out war. Who really is the fastest player in this game? Find out by checking out our list!

The “world no 1 free fire player name 2021” is a question that has been asked for some time. The fastest Free Fire player in the world is currently unknown, but it’s possible to find out who is the best by asking this question.

Who is the fastest Free Fire player in the world?

Garena Free Fire, often known as Free Fire, is an Android and iOS battle royale game developed by 111 dots Studio. And it’s one of today’s most popular multiplayer shooting games. The game has two modes: Battle Royale and Clash Squad.

The game’s graphical style is simpler and less intricate, making it appropriate for playing even with a slow internet connection. Free Fire is readily accessible even on low-end devices that are unable to run heavier games.

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It doesn’t matter who possesses the most powerful weapon; the only thing that matters is who was the first to pinpoint the target and pull the trigger.

Free Fire is an epic survival game in which players are pitted against one another, and the only way to survive is to kill others before they kill you. Players from all around the world have been employing various tactics to improve their talents, and although many have succeeded in their quest for speed, there can only be one winner.

W Xing is an Indonesian professional Free Fire player known for his amazing avatar control talents. His incredible talents enable him to slay his opponents without them even realizing he’s there. His incredible Gloo wall-building skills have helped him rack up more kills and climb the ranks of Free Fire’s best players.


Despite his speed, he can accurately fire his opponents from a safe distance, with a headshot count of 63.16 percent. He has two Heroic Emblems in CS-ranked mode, as well as 7952 likes on his profile, thanks to his Wrestler and Guerilla fighting styles. 33468161 is his Free Fire ID.

Here’s a quick rundown of W-profile: Xing’s

Lifetime data for the Battle Royale

W-Xing has played in 5982 Squad games, winning 682 of them and totaling 14073 kills. He holds a carrier record of 21 kills in a single Squad battle and an AVG survival time of 06’50” in Squad games. With a K/D ratio of 2.66 percent and an average damage per match of 951, he also has a K/D ratio of 2.66 percent.


He has played 3350 matches in Duo format and won 232, with a win percentage of 6.9% and a total of 6948 frags, 95 of which were Road Kills. In addition, he had 33 kills in a single match. His speed isn’t his only weapon; his strategical stirs are second to none, as seen by his 2.66 km of trip and AVG survival time of 06’12”.

Such shooting games aren’t complete without solo missions. W-Xing also enjoys playing solo matches, as shown by the fact that he has played in 10545 games, winning 797 and finishing in the top 10 lineups 3082 times. W-Xing has a 2.23 percent kill-to-death ratio in solo games, with 28 kills in a single battle.

Stats for the Clash Squad

Clash Squad is a game style in which just two teams compete in a 4v4 format. These two teams compete in seven matches, with the side that wins four matches first winning the game.


W-Xing has played 10,545 games, winning 797 of them and racking up 21749 kills. In his Clash Squad career, he has 5953 successful headshots and 28 single match kills.

While it’s impossible to single out one player as the best, SK Sabir is likely India’s quickest Free Fire player. When it comes to India’s quickest player in Free Fire, though, he is closely followed by Sudip Sarkar, Raistar, and TSG Jash.

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